Anita and Basti - dream wedding in Mallorca


The Berlin wedding light photographer was allowed to take photographs of the civil wedding of Anita and Basti, and now the equally beautiful free wedding ceremony at the traditional winery Bodegas Santa Catarina on Mallorca followed.

Since the bride and groom love good wine, this theme ran like a red thread through the wedding celebrations, from the free wedding ceremony in the vault of Bodegas Santa Catarina in the Mallorcan vineyards to the wedding celebration in the Finca Son Bosch

The atmospheric vault of the winery accentuated the entry of the beautiful bride, so that all guests plus the wedding photographer were noticeably moved. The romantic candlelight together with the wooden barrels in the wine cellar created a special atmosphere that comes into its own on the artistic wedding photos of the free wedding ceremony. After the emotional wedding speech, there was now the opportunity for the family and friends of the bride and groom to congratulate the couple and celebrate.

Anita and Basti then took the time for wedding photos together with the wedding light photographer on the beach and in the impressive Mallorcan vineyards, while the guests made their way to the celebration at Finca Son Bosch.

There the bride and groom had designed the decoration in relation to the motto "good wine" and integrated it very harmoniously into the location. The result was a very successful interpretation of the Mallorcan country house style in a very elegant and contemporary way. The two of them discovered the 700-year-old nca during one of their excursions through the Mallorcan vineyards and immediately fell in love with the traditionally built country house. In general, one can say that Anita and Basti had a special eye for details and were just as loving about the well-being of their guests. Of course, excellent Mallorcan wines were a must and a local top caterer provided a special and delicious menu.

Entertainment was also provided. In order to entertain their guests, the bridal couple had come up with various things for the entire wedding day. During the celebrations at Finca Son Bosch there was live music from a spirited salsa band and a very funny slide show with pictures of the couple. But the guests also had many surprises in store. According to a traditional Spanish custom, the bride and groom were asked to kiss - usually at the most inopportune moments - which the wedding photographer was very pleased with during the photo report

The bride and groom had completely planned their dream wedding themselves to make sure that everything was designed exactly as they had dreamed it would be. It is unbelievable that the two had actually already completed most of their plan one day after their engagement! The two had invested a lot of time and effort in the choice of the salsa band and their choice of songs. And the effort was really worth it, as there was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere during the celebration. 

First names of the bride and groom: Anita and Basti Wedding location: Mallorca hotography: wedding light | LUMENTIS photo studio Berlin Wedding location 1: Bodegas Santa Catarina on Mallorca 

Aranka and Desmond - Blue Color Concept and Vintage Style


The wedding report from your photographer: wedding light | LUMENTIS photo studio Berlin Aranka and Desmond quickly decided on Schloss und Gut Liebenberg as the location for their international wedding. For guests arriving from England, the palace was easy and quick to reach from Berlin, and a few years ago Aranka had photographed a wedding there herself and also fell in love with the beautiful location

The blue color concept (the bride and groom's favorite color) and the vintage style of the wedding also came into their own in the castle and in the adjoining stone church. The decoration from the candy bar to the cake to the confetti when the bride and groom left the church was designed in the colors navy blue and white. The candy bar turned out to be a particularly big hit with both small and large guests.

Aranka brought the wedding dress with her from England. Disappointed with the service in German bridal shops, she found what she was looking for in an English shop. There she had the feeling that she was being taken seriously as a customer. Desmond had the groom's dark three-piece suit specially tailored for this day

Aranka had already photographed a few weddings herself and was therefore very demanding herself when it came to choosing a suitable wedding photographer and then decided on the Berlin photographer Hochzeitslicht

Since Desmond comes from England and there were also many Englishspeaking guests present, the wedding ceremony was designed in two languages to accommodate the German-speaking guests. Different traditions of the Protestant Church (bride) and the Anglican Church (bridegroom) were combined during the wedding ceremony. Many readings were also translated into English by the pastor and the couple made their wedding vows in their own mother tongue: Aranka in German and Desmond in English.

The mood during the wedding was incredibly cheerful and exuberant, the casual and relaxed atmosphere was exactly what the couple had wished for on this special day.

First names of the bride and groom: Aranka & Desmond Photography: wedding light | LUMENTIS photo studio Berlin Wedding dress: - Wedding location 1: Castle and Gut Liebenberg 

An exuberant wedding in a dream location

Ted Hartwig's wedding report: A wonderful wedding on the grounds of Schloss Neuhardenberg. A wonderful location, a wonderful couple, a good atmosphere everywhere and the prospect of a nice day. These were the ingredients for these pictures.

We all had a lot of fun with the preparations. Both were exuberant and full of anticipation. The fact that the ring didn't want to fit on the groom's finger at first is not so bad. This happens more often and is due to the warm temperatures ...

Beautiful custom for a wedding By the way, planting a tree is always a beautiful custom. Once such a tree has grown big and powerful, you can say to yourself: We planted it together. He is a living witness of the time we spent together ... Simply beautiful! The couple shoot was also really fun again. A bit of nonsense is also part of it. Then the pictures come to life!


Free wedding ceremony in the Haus am See


Alina and Flo had a dream wedding! "The Haus am See, a little south of Nuremberg, is one of the most ingenious locations I have ever seen.", My wedding photographer Robert Larsen. At the wedding of the bridal couple Alina and Flo, the weather was terrific and the atmosphere was exuberant. The huge outside terrace of the house offered a fabulous view of the lake. Absolutely perfect for a free wedding! But see for yourself: formal dresses for women

Getting married pregnant - no problem! Apart from the 35 degrees in the shade, Alina, who is eight months pregnant, did an excellent job and walked around the lake together with the photographer Robert Larsen for the pictures of the bridal couple (with breaks of course). But it was worth it.

First names of the bride and groom: Alina & Florian Place of wedding: Freystadt Photography: Bridal dress: More or less DIY because of pregnancy a lot of stretch and tulle Wedding date: 07/31/2015 Registry oce: Freystadt Wedding location: Faberhof in Pyrbaum Bridal shoes : Barefoot :) Free wedding wedding guests: About 80 people  long sleeve formal dresses