Sarah and Dennis - Romantic wedding on the estate


The door opens and we step into the "Sonnenblick" room. The radio is on, here and there something still needs to be discussed, knotted or assigned to tasks - a classic preparation for the bride. Sarah is sitting on the chair in a good mood and with bright eyes. Jenny the hairdresser does magic on the hair and her girls get ready at the same time. The atmosphere is great at the Landgut am Hochwald, which is sometimes due to a well-organized bride and the best maid of honor I've seen so far - all important precautions have been taken or at least organized. "Which champagne glass was mine again? It doesn't matter, I'll just take this!" is one of the classic sentences of the morning - but still no trace of excitement. formal dresses for women

The situation with the men is similarly relaxed, apart from the fact that Dennis and Steve are slowly getting a little too warm under the roof. So here it's time to put on a shirt, tie a bow tie, fumble with cuinks, put on a jacket and a few more photos of the two friends, and then it's back down to Sarah.

She can watch from the window as the guests of the free wedding slowly arrive, as well as her father. Together with him she will run across the estate to the waiting company, especially to the waiting groom. The music starts, all the guests get up and nally there is the exciting moment of the rst glance between bride and groom or man and woman in spé. Just beautiful. This is only a brief outline of the eventful and wonderful wedding day, peppered with details, surprises and emotions. Just take a look at the report.

rst names of the bride and groom: Sarah and Dennis lace of the wedding: Sonsbeck hotography: Wedding date : 08/08/2015 Wedding location 1: Landgut am Hochwald in Sonsbeck ( air & Make-up: Jenny Rambach ridal jewelry : engagement ring - Tianys, earrings - Swarowski, bracelet - eirloom ridal shoes: Lazzarini lower decorations & bridal bouquet: Heide Dath Floristik, Dinslaken Wedding rings: 123 gold ree wedding: Landgut am Hochwald in Sonsbeck  long sleeve formal dresses


Verena and Sebastian - wedding in Schloss Opherdicke


At their request, Verena and Sebastian experienced the 'rst look' in the beautiful palace garden of Schloss Opherdicke. There the two could experience this unique moment intensely and undisturbed cheap formal dresses

The newly created palace garden with its many romantic places was a wonderful backdrop for the wedding shoot. Of course, the little daughter of the two could not be missing from the emotional shoot and beamed with mom and dad!

The civil ceremony then took place in the mirror hall of the palace. The large and bright hall was perfect for around 80 guests and a fantastic for saying yes!

Since the wedding pictures were taken before the wedding, the bride and groom could take care of the guests after the wedding and toast the special day with them.

The subsequent took place in Unna, about 15 kilometers away, in the Voss am Chausee pub. The company celebrated here until the early hours of the morning. Of course, a a must for party fun ! 

First names of the bride and groom: Verena and Sebastian lace of the wedding: Holzwickede hotography: Wedding dress: Rembo Styling Wedding date : October 2nd, 2016 egistry oce: Registry oce Schloss Opherdicke, Holzwickede Wedding location 1: Voss am Chaussee ridal shoes: Rainbow utt groom: Tiger of Sweden lower decorations & bridal bouquet: Flowers Kuhlmann, Holzwickede long sleeve formal dresses australia


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Wedding motto Alice in Wonderland Simply magical: Styled shoot "Alice in Wonderland"


Acted and lmed countless times, most recently by Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll's novel "Alice in Wonderland" is one of the great classics of world literature. The white rabbit with his pocket watch, the mad hatter and of course Alice herself are known all over the world. This styled shoot, which is magical in the truest sense of the word, proves that your magical world is also the perfect motto for a dream wedding formal dresses online

Central elements of the story were found in numerous places in the decoration, for example the pocket watch, the keyhole and playing card motifs. In addition, of course, the glass vessels that hold many surprises in store for Alice in the novel could not be missing. With great attention to detail, a wonderfully romantic, nostalgic wedding decoration was created. So that the whole thing didn't seem silly or overloaded, all the decorative elements were integrated into a clear color concept - light blue and cream harmonized perfectly with accents in gold, copper and old pink.

Of course, the bridal couple was also styled in the "Alice in Wonderland" look. The groom's suit, with its walking stick and top hat, was somewhat reminiscent of the Victorian era, the epoch in which the novel is set. A large bow gave the bridal outt that certain something.

With its timeless elegance and romantic atmosphere, the Hotel Kasteel Bloemendal was the ideal location for a wedding under the motto "Alice in Wonderland". A place where there is already magic in the air ts perfectly with this extraordinary story. The lovingly designed signpost, which is more confusing than oering orientation, was entirely in the style of Alice.

The three bridesmaids obviously had their fun at the styled shoot - and their dresses with the romantic shades of cream, old pink and fuchsia blended harmoniously into the color concept of the wedding.

Frst names of the bride and groom: Laura and Stephan Wedding location: Vaals hotography: Wedding dress: Victoria rue dea, concept, organization: Oxana Homann, dream wedding Aachen air & Make-up: Maya Kuns Wedding cake and candy bar: Madame Gâteaux ridesmaid dresses : twobirds bridesmaid  formal dresses with sleeves