Top 10 Wedding Budget Tips: Clever Ideas To Save Money

Just how much are you ready to spend for the wedding event? Do you feel overpowered by the cost of your impending nuptials? Simply breathe! Weddings are typically elaborately designed events. Every bride and groom and every wedding is different. Everybody wants to save money specially when it comes to their wedding. Your wedding budget is actually an essential part of your wedding planning and can be challenging to keep. A lot of couples are trimming their wedding guest lists, cutting down on wedding invitation stationary or doing away with expensive designer wedding dress. We do recommended to always add an extra 10% for miscellaneous wedding items in planning your wedding budget for those sudden expenses that tend to pop up.
Here are some wedding budget tips on how to save money for the savvy bride. Cut-down your wedding cost with these creative ideas without sacrificing on style.

01. On wedding dress

It will save you a lot more if you prefer a designer couture by replacing the fabric or search for wedding dress options instead. You may also pick a main color theme and then have your bridal entourage or wedding party to choose their own dress with that main color.

02. On bridal hair and wedding make-up

Head out to a salon if you want your hair done by a hairdresser to save on money. If you will do your own bridal hairstyle, do keep your hair plain and simple. However your wedding make-up is an essential part of your look, specially with your wedding photos. You have to hire a professional make-up artist if you want your wedding make-up to remain throughout the day or might as well ask a friend who knows how to do it for you.

03. On wedding venue

Have your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception combined in one place. That can save you various site fees along with wedding transportation from one place to another. Choose a naturally romantic location to lessen the cost of additional wedding decorations. Destination weddings often tend to have a lesser number of guests.

04. On wedding stationary

Save on postage stamps. You may instead send out a group email and just tell your wedding guest to set a date in their journals. With wedding invitations, think about creating and designing your own. What you need to do is just choose the best font for your wedding theme, then print! Just keep it simple using high-quality paper.

05. On photography and videography

Settle for a service-only photo and video packages to be able to hire your dream photographers and videographers at affordable rates. Just avail the wedding album and edited wedding video later on.

06. On wedding flowers

In case you choose to have a professional carry out the wedding flower decorations, it can get very expensive. To cut down on cost, set up your own floral arrangements as well as bouquets and pick flowers that are in season.

07. On wedding cake

Wedding cakes can be quite costly. You can instead create and come up with your own wedding cake or simply get a basic cake coming from a local market, then set decorations around it. Other couples make use of fake cakes merely for the picture taking, then serve the real slab cake later on.

08. On catering

Serve a simple menu dish. Brunches, buffets, and hors d’oeuvres are cost effective than a three-course sit down meal.

09. On wedding favors and giveaways

Make your own wedding favors and get creative. You can make use of photo souvenirs as giveaways taken from your wedding party photo booth. Your guest will have an hilarious time as well posing with their most wacky shot and get their photos right away.

10. On honeymoon

Book in advance your romantic honeymoon travel destination and make the most of promos from airlines. Just refrain from traveling while in peak season. It’s when destinations are most crowded, very busy and will be more expensive.

Wedding Showdown: Where The Money Goes

Planning your wedding within a budget doesn’t suggest limiting your event celebration. In reality, it can feel incredibly satisfying being able to find ways to celebrate your wedding event without spending too much. When you are aware that you’re giving the celebration of a lifetime even while cutting the cost, you’ll feel and look like the savviest bride out there. Think creatively about how to make it your wedding rather than just a wedding. A detailed wedding budget can assist the bride and groom recreate suitable priorities. Set the mood of your wedding celebration and get your wedding guests thrilled to take part on your big event.

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