Wedding Planning Timeline - 8 Months or Less

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!  This is a very exciting (and stressful!) time for you!  I’m sure that at this point you have been looking around at all that you have to do, and you may be overwhelmed.  I’m not gonna lie, you have a right to be!  But have no fear because a lot of us have been there before (my husband and I were married in March of this year), and we are here to help!
Something that I noticed when I was planning my wedding, and now that one of my besties is planning hers, is that all of the guidelines and timelines are geared towards people who are going to be engaged for a year to sixteen months.  However, my friends and I are in our late twenties and early thirties and quite frankly, we don’t want to wait that long once that ring is on our finger!  When I was planning my wedding, I looked at several timelines, checklists, guidelines, and I printed out a calendar for each month of the engagement and made up my own timeline to fit my crunched time period.  I may have overlooked some things and left some things out, but our wedding was great, if I do say so myself!  (Shameless plug, this is primarily due to the awesomeness of Jennifer at Tybee Island Wedding – you should check it out!)
I would like to share that timeline with you now, in case you’re in the same boat as I was.  Please note–this is a GENERAL guideline ONLY.  There are a million more details that I could have included, and I may have left some big things out, so I encourage you to check out places like and Real Simple Weddings and do your own comparison.  However, if you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to ask–like I said, I just did this myself, so I am (currently) a wealth of knowledge and recent experience! :)  If you see something really big that I’m missing, let me know!  I’ll be glad to add it and repost this timeline/checklist at a future date.
You can also download a PDF version (best printed on legal sized paper, probably) here:

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