30+ Online Tools For The Perfect Wedding

Spring and summer are considered "wedding season" here in the United States, and of course the web is full of tools and information for you to use. Considering this is a $40 billion dollar a year industry in the USA, these 30+ tools represent but a fraction of what is out there for you to use, but these will get you well started down the aisle to wedded bliss.


Brides.com - A bit of everything for the blushing bride including building a web site, gift registry, color guides, community message boards and much more.
OffbeatBride.com - Hate the idea of the traditional wedding? OffbeatBride is definitely the blog for you to check out and find some unique ideas of how to mix the modern with the a taste of the traditional.
Pictoma.com - A site dedicated to vent photos such as weddings that allows you to password protect the photos and then share the link and password with just your guests.
TheKnot.com - From the magazine of the same name, find lots of unique and hot trends for your ceremony.
WeddingChannel.com - A catch-all site bringing you planning tools as well as hairstyle and bridal gown photo galleries to inspire you. Also features links to lots of famous wedding registries such as Tiffany's.
WeddingMapper.com - A Google Maps mashup that shows you locations of chapels, churches, hotels and more.


OneStopWeddingPlanner.com - Offers 15 free tools to aid in your wedding planning such as seating assignments, guest list, even down to what order everyone will walk down the aisle.
OneWed.com - A general purpose site that helps you locate vendors, look through hairstyles, dresses, cakes, and allows you to share photos of your completed weddings so people can see how you brought it all together.
OurWeddingDay.com - Offers free tools to manage just about every aspect of a wedding including items such as task & guest managers, budgeting reminders, and a free web page for you to put up after the event.
Planaganza.com - A site for planning many styles of events, including weddings. Allows you to organize your event, locate vendors, and more. Full Mashable coverage can be seen here.
TopWeddingSites.com - Localize to your state, the entire United States, the UK, or Canada, and get tips and pointers to planning just about every aspect of your wedding day.
Wedding-Guide.org - The usual bells and whistles on how to plan a wedding with things like a vendor manager, budget calculator, and a handy guide of who traditionally pays for what.
WeddingControl.com - Manage your invitations, RSVPs, dinner orders, seating and more all from one site.
WeddingSolutions.com - As the name implies, this site tries to help you with solutions for every aspect of your wedding. You can set up to-do lists, look for vendors, search locations, and more.
WeddingWire.com - Offers a centralized location to sort through thousands of vendors that you can break down by type of vendor, or by state. Also has a community for you to as questions and get advice from other couples planning to get married. Martha Stewart recently bought a 40% stake in the company.
Weddinic.com - Currently in beta, Weddinic aims to be the place for the bridal party, vendors, and everyone else to keep in touch and on target. Our Kristen Nicole wrote up a fully detailed review of its launch.
WikiWeddings.org - A MediaWiki about all the do's-and-don't of your wedding along with ratings of wedding locations and vendors.

Web Sites

MomentVille.com - A carbon neutral company providing free wedding websites that never expire.
NearlyWeds.com - While the site does charge, it's a fairly reasonable $49 for 2 years with blog, online RSVPs, unlimited photos and more.
SharedWeddings.com - Create a free website for your wedding that will keep people updated and allow them to RSVP online.
WeddingPath.co.uk - A UK-based site for setting up a free page about your wedding, forums to talk with others about weddings, and the ability to browse for vendors.
WeddingWebsites.com - Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of sites out there offering to host your wedding web site? Check here for reviews
WhenIsMyWedding.com - Make a countdown ticker for your website or blog to let the world know how long until the nuptials.

Wedding Registries

Amazon Wedding Registry - Naturally Amazon has their own wedding list so you can shop from their millions of products.
Buy-Our-Honeymoon.com - Instead of just registering for household goods, why not register where your honeymoon will be and have people help you with the little added things like parasailing?
Felicite.com - You can set up a registry for any sort of occasion, choose gifts for a lengthy list of well-known merchants such as Apple, L.L. Bean, Cooking.com and more, and then share it with all of the people attending.
JustGive.org - As opposed to registering for traditional gifts, you can sign up for your wedding party to give charitable donations to the charities of your choice.
Lifestyle Registry -Powere by The Knot magazine and Macy's, The Lifestyle Registry lets you either choose your own products or choose your "lifestyle" for a pre-made list. Choose from things like "Happy Hipsters" or "Connoisseurs".
MyRegistry.com - Lets you add gifts from any web store, as well as set up cash gifts, and receive a text message any time a gift is purchased.
TheThingsIWant.com - A universal service that allows you to add items from any site on the web. You can then share it by email with your guests, or post it on your wedding site or blog.
YourWeddingRegistry.com - A group registry that allows you to register for gifts from multiple merchants.

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