Best of 2014: Groom & Groomsmen’s Style

Happy Monday, lovelies! And happy last-day-of-work for so many of you. Today we’re focusing on the boys, and you guys, this has DEFINITELY been the year when grooms have started to really hold their own in the fashion stakes. From coloured suits (in a good way!) to smart casual and casual looks for less formal weddings, and of course, original boutonnieres. And it’s also been the year of the bowtie in South Africa – a few years back I predicted these would be a huge trend and then noted it hadn’t happened, but apparently it just took our boys a little longer to fall in love with a look that many American grooms were already rocking. This year I have seen loads of bowties, and I love them! Another key look this year is the ‘country gentleman’ as I think of it – tweeds, flatcaps, and winter textures. All of these are included below, so let’s take a gander at our most stylish grooms!
Formal & Fabulous

Casual (and Smart-Casual) Chic

Coloured Suits
Hands down my favourite groom’s trend this year has been the move away from black to suits in other colours. We’re not talking crazy rainbow here, but smart variations of navy, grey, etc. can really flatter your guy. After all, if the bride no longer has to wear white, then there are no rules, right? These four stylish grooms showed us how a statement suit is done.

Beau Boutonnieres
And of course we had to round up some of our favourite bouts too, right? Always such a great way for grooms to show a bit of personality or tie subtly into their wedding theme.

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