If you’re like most brides you’re totally obsessed with your dress, your hair, your accessories, your shoes... well everything seems to be about you - and why not we say! But sadly often your man can be left out. We’ve seen so many couples leave the groom’s wedding suit right down to the last minute when it should be right up the top of the list of things to get 100% right. After all, it’s he’s big day too and he needs to look smashing in all the same photos as you!
We’ve seen photos from many weddings where the groom’s suit looked... well... ordinary. Rather than looking like the man of the moment, Mr Romeo or a knight in shining armour, they often look like just some guy in an awkward fitting suit. We think each groom deserves an exquisite suit, fit for such an occasion. After all, he needs to look his absolute best alongside his dazzling bride.
If the next thing on your list is to find a wedding suit where should you start? There’s a mind-boggling amount of choices and combos for wedding suits and attire.

So which wedding suit are you?
Having personally styled thousands of wedding suits for grooms over the past few years, we’ve managed to break it down to these styles:
• Formal Wedding Suits (for traditional sit-down or cocktail receptions)
• Casual Wedding Suits (for outdoor or beach weddings)
• Individual Designs (for those flamboyant grooms that like to steal the show!)

The theme of your wedding and reception venue plays a huge role in what sort of wedding suit you should wear e.g. beach wedding, garden wedding, church wedding, cocktail reception etc. Often we see that more relaxed weddings opt for no jacket, and select a dressed-down waistcoat and rolled up trouser and moccasins look, while more formal or church weddings and sit-down receptions tend to go for tuxedo or dinner suit styling with patent leather shoes. The more adventurous may choose a different design altogether – perhaps a 1950’s Rock and Roll or big band look, or even a 1920’s Boardwalk Empire look. 

Ultimately, the design of the groom’s wedding suit should complement his personality. It needs to be something that is an extension of the groom’s character
and something that he is proud and confident to wear. You really don’t want him to look like all the other guys at your wedding, not the groomsmen, or worse, the wait staff at your reception! You want him to stand out and be the man of the moment that he is so he can sweep you off your feet and all that. After all it’s his chance to shine too, so it’s ok to take a few risks, be a bit more flamboyant and choose something memorable and unique in the styling department.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.
These designs are generally for more traditional weddings and are often seen at church weddings, sit-down receptions and cocktail venues. They epitomise both elegance and timeless charm.

A classic midnight navy one button shawl lapel tuxedo with navy satin trims, for when you’re feeling blue, but in a good way. Or, if it has absolutely definitely has to be black tie... well, you can have it in a solid black as well.
  1. Nothing says formal like a black 3-piece suit with black satin trim on the edge of the lapel & satin highlights throughout. The waistcoat adds sophistication and has similar satin trimmings to unify the look.
  2. A black & white one button shawl lapel dinner suit. The white jacket is paired with black trousers to create a contrast & black satin trims on the jacket tie the whole look together. This is definitely as cool and casual as you can get when you’re supposed to be formal!
Maybe dressing to the nines isn’t your style, or perhaps your going for a destination wedding where a formal wedding suit is not just the wrong look, it could be down right impractical (think hot summer’s night in the Mediterranean!). For weddings like these we see many grooms opting for no jackets and lighter airy fabrics.

  1. For more casual affairs such as beach weddings, this linen waistcoat & rolled up trousers is a great look. Rolled up shirt sleeves & open shirt buttons really complete this casual wedding look.
  2. The light-grey waistcoat & trouser look is great for open air and daytime weddings, especially those to be held in hotter climates. This look is also an option for groomsmen.
  3. To really make a statement, try this white linen one- button suit with a shawl lapel. Great for a destination wedding in the Greek Islands, for example. For the less adventurous, try it in a more traditional sand coloured linen.
These looks are all about mixing and matching and taking a more flamboyant and personalised approach to your man’s suiting. They say “clothes don’t maketh the man”, but any groom wearing these outfits is wearing his character on his sleeve... literally.

  1. Pow! A variant of the classic black tuxedo, the grey peak lapel jacket is contrasted against black trousers. The black satin trims also contrast against the grey wool & tie everything together.
  2. This one button jacket with patch pockets in a light grey birds-eye fabric can be worn on a pair of black trousers to make it more formal, but still have that smart casual feel.
  3. This rock-and-roll light blue one-button jacket is contrasted with dark navy trousers. It’s all tied together by dark navy satin trims throughout & piping around the edge of the notch lapel.
  4. If ever there was a statement suit – this is it. Some men may cringe, but rest assured the ladies will be eyeing that confident groom in light-blue, secretly mourning the one that got away.

No article about wedding suits would be complete without a word about fit. You may not realise it, but the fit of your groom’s suit is pretty much the #1 factor in how he looks. You can choose the perfect colour and perfect design, but if the suit doesn’t fit right, it just won’t look right... and sometimes no amount of alterations can fix it. We recommend that that in order for your groom to look ultra-sharp on your wedding day spend a little more and get it custom tailored.

Can you guess which man had his suit tailored to fit?

As you’ve probably gathered, when it comes to wedding suits, almost anything is possible. To determine which suit to go with consider the theme and venue as well as your individual personalities. The moral to the story is don’t forget your man! Make sure that he looks and feels amazing as well.

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