There are a million and one wedding fairs (or so it sometimes seems!) all over the UK. While I think visiting at least one is a bit of a right of passage for all brides-to-be, how do you know which is the best one to visit?
Well, to help you make up your mind, I’ve got an exclusive ticket offer for The London ExCel Wedding Show, taking place between January 31st and February 1st.
This is the show to go to if you want to pack some serious wedding research into just one day. They have over 100 suppliers exhibiting including all the big names like John Lewis, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Burton, Moss Bros, Sandals, Ivory & Co Tiaras, Nigel Rayment, Coo Jewellers, and Charm Cupcakes.
If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding day look, then the event also includes catwalk shows three times a day with make up by Benefit Cosmetics (so you just know that its going to be fab!). Bridal coach Michele Paradise will also be on hand to provide brides with essential top tips for their big day. Freddie Entertainment will also be on stage with renditions of everyone’s favourite classic songs throughout the day.
Finally, every visitor will receive a goodie bag packed with treats, gifts and a show guide so you won’t get lost!

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We've collected a little dessert inspiration for your wedding day, and I have to say research that involves cake, chocolate and cookies, is always a winner with me! These sweet treats on sticks are perfect for a cocktail style wedding, where holding a drink and a slice of cake is not the easiest thing to do.

 Let's start with the cake pop, an item made of cake crumbs and frosting, rolled in whatever kind of melted chocolate, sprinkles or wonder you can think of.
 Keeping chocolate in mind, we have chocolate dipped oreos and salted chocolate pops.

 There are plenty of cookie options too, from cookie dough, to the hipster-fave moustache (on a stick of course).

 There are also healthier options like these melon flowers, and the once healthy apples trapped inside a basket of delicious caramel...

The Most Beautiful Snowy Wedding Photos

With a massive blizzard heading toward NYC today, we've got snow on our minds. And while you certainly wouldn't want a blizzard to hit on your wedding day, a little bit of snow can add such a magical effect. Here, check out some of our favorite snowy wedding photos.
Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray
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 Photo Credit: Rebekah Westover Photography
Photo Credit: Rebekah Westover Photography

Photo Credit: Rebekah Westover Photography

Photo Credit: Wren Photography

Photo Credit: Giving Tree Photography

Photo Credit: Sorensen Foto

Photo Credit: Travis J Photography

Photo Credit: Anastasiya Belik Photography

Photo Credit: Still Frames Photography

Photo Credit: Carla Ten Eyck

Photo Credit: Wendy Newman Photography, member of Professional Photographers of America

Photo Credit: Rae of Life Photography 

Photo Credit: Josh Lynn Photography

Photo Credit: Corey Garland Photography 
No snow outside? Add some "snow" inside!

Photo Credit: Theilen Photography

Photo Credit: Dinofa Photography
Tell us: Which photo is your favorite?
—Kristen Klein

Shopping Tips for Plus-Size Brides

Shopping for a wedding dress nz can be an exciting (and stressful) endeavor for any bride. But it can become daunting when the average American woman wears a size 14, yet many bridal stores cater to a size six and don't carry gown samples in plus sizes. Every body type is beautiful and no one should settle for anything less than their dream dress. Full-figured brides, here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for the big day. 
Dress by Allure Bridals, Style W330
1. Determine a budget before shopping for a gown.
Plus-size gowns are pricier than other sizes because manufacturers charge a higher percentage for more material, beading and lace. As excited as you may be to start shopping, work out your budget first. Avoid trying on gowns outside of your price range because you'll either fall in love with one and be disappointed by every other dress you see (even if they're just as beautiful), or you'll blow your budget.
If you do find yourself pining for a gown that costs more than you can afford, ask the designer if they can limit the beading to the bodice only, and skip embellishment entirely on the skirt or train. Or ask if the dress comes in another fabric that's less expensive.
2. It's normal to wear a bigger size in bridal than you would in everyday clothing.
Bridal sizes run smaller than streetwear sizes, aka regular clothes. You’re considered a plus-size bride if you normally wear a size 14 or higher, which would be a size 16 in bridal. Most designers do offer plus sizes, but many stores only carry samples in sizes 8, 10 and 12. Call your local bridal store before you go shopping to ensure that they'll be able to accommodate you.
Trying on the dress you love in your size will eliminate return policy fears — you don't want to get stuck with a dress that doesn’t fit — and help you envision exactly how it'll look on the big day. Check out great sources like Alfred Angeloand David's Bridal (which carries sizes up to 26W). Some designers, like Bonny, also offer collections exclusively for plus-size brides. Whether your dream dress is sweet, sophisticated or dramatic, you're sure to find a gown that flatters your figure.
3. Choose figure-flattering fabrics.
Thicker fabrics such as taffeta are ideal for curvy brides because they smooth everything out, creating a streamlined silhouette. Be aware that strapless styles can make shoulders look wider, so consider opting for styles with thicker straps or cap sleeves. Avoid heavily-beaded bodices and appliqués, which can draw attention to areas you’d prefer to minimize. 
4. Find the perfect silhouette for your shape.
The most important advice for finding a wedding dress is to know your body shape. Top-heavy brides with hourglass figures look great in trumpet silhouettes, whereas an A-line cut is better if you're bottom-heavy, and apple-shaped brides look best in empire dresses or ballgowns
Just because you're a plus-size bride doesn't mean you can't wear a fitted gown! Look for a style that flares out at the knee, or right above or below it. The perfect dress isn't complete without the right undergarments. We love the Slimplicity Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit from Spanx. This shapewear firms the tummy, hips, thighs and rear. (Learn what to wear under your gown, here!)
5. Be confident! 
While shopping for a wedding dress, don't be timid. Tell the consultant exactly what you want, and don't let them pressure you into buying a style you're not in love with, no matter how flattering it is. The right dress should make you feel comfortable in your own skin. It's just as important to know what your dislikes are as it is to find out what you love. Stay true to yourself and don't be afraid to seek advice from family and friends!
—Marisa Russo 



I too agree that every body type is beautiful, be it even the heavier side. And one can also look for ladies plus size clothes at online as well as retail stores.


Saving money for dress isn't difficult. A lot of ways can be learned. Coupons are being used by many to shoppers, and getting good deals is highly possible.

Prom Dress: How To Decide On The Perfect A Single!

Decode one.8 Unique Event Dresses feature a collection of contemporary types in a range of styles for girls of all ages. Select from between the elegance of flirty soft fabric dresses, uneven lengths, minor black dresses and much more. Decode 1.8 Unique Occasion Dresses undoubtedly located their niche as no matter the occasion you will discover a unique dress from amid the assortment of luxurious Decode one.8 Particular Occasion Dresses.

September brides can enjoy all the rewards of people marrying in the height of the summer season. Evenings are starting to draw in a little by September so you can enjoy the benefits of the cosy nights. Sunsets at this time of year are outstanding, so try and use this to your advantage in pictures. Normally, the climate is nonetheless warm enough for a light bridal gown and summery style bridesmaid dresses will match in brilliantly. Scatter tables with handfuls of summer time rose petals and lay tables with bright floral arrangements.

This is one of the most critical keys in Genuine Estate and in Weddings alike is location. It is important to leave a class of your budget for the location of the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Good wedding dresses has a lacey Victorian seashore dress that is ideal for a Vintage design with a present day touch. This dress is even affordable at only $182. Beadwork embellishes the bodice and the waist on this strapless attractiveness produced of light-weight material.

Go for the colors that will suit your bridesmaids. Generally, dark and lively colors make plus size ladies appear slim but light colours make ladies a tiny excess fat. This element need to be laid significant amount of anxiety. Apart from this, you need to also spend heed to the shade of the bridesmaid. Dark colours would not suit dark complexion bridesmaids. You just need to have to flatter your bridesmaid. Consider your bridesmaids with you and inquire them their decision. Two piece dress or occasion dresses with a sash generally go properly with plus size ladies. You ought to attempt your level best to not to choose any heavy types as they make plus size bridesmaid to look much more heavy.

For women with absolutely nothing to hide, a entire body-hugging bias reduce gown can be best. These dresses are lower near to the body, and the material drapes becomingly across the figure. Just don't pick this fashion if you want a forgiving dress! Some of the greatest examples of bias minimize dresses can be discovered in collections of vintage bridal gowns, particularly those from the 1930s, when pure glamor was the height of type.

Some of the retail retailers may possibly also offer package deal discounts if bridesmaid dress is bought along with other wedding dress. This can also be availed of. The final alternative is to go for in do- it- your self kind dresses if you know somebody who can stitch them. The complete expense of all the bridesmaid dresses nz can turn out to be a lot less costly than what they cost if obtained from shops.

13 Unexpected Things to Add to Your Wedding Registry

With the average age of first-time brides on the rise (last reported at 29), more couples setting up households well in advance of the wedding, and our lifestyles gravitating to the casual, I often hear from the newly-engaged, “I don’t need the traditional stuff.” I smile and think of all the wonderful options available to these newbie registrants. In the beginning, bridal registries (first created in 1924) were simply a tool to inform guests of your preference in china, crystal, and silver patterns. As our technology and lifestyles have evolved, couples can now create a wish list that includes items that reflect their unique style and preferences.
Here is a list of 13 things you might not think of adding to your wedding gift registry. Many are even available at “traditional” stores, where you might have registered for towels, sheets, and dinnerware.

1. Adventure Gear

Whether your passion is camping, hiking, or kayaking, more couples are registering for the gear to support their recreational time together. Is the hike up Machu Picchu on your bucket list? 

2. Honeymoon/Travel

It is possible to have the honeymoon of your dreams — with online honeymoon registries. On theses sites, guests can gift you hotel nights, spa treatments, a romantic dinner, or any part of your honeymoon experience. Guests feel good knowing they've given you a special memory that will last a lifetime. The honeymoon registry is really just a more creative way of giving cash, so be sure to talk about those special memories in your gushing thank-you note.

Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism(

3. The House Fund offers cash-gifting options with a designated purpose. It has always been acceptable and popular with both guests and wedding couples to give and receive cash, usually in the form of a check. But does anyone under the age of 60 write checks anymore? Or go to the bank, for that matter? It naturally follows that the gift of money would evolve with the technology and habits of how we handle our money.

4. Artwork

Now is the perfect time to cover those bare walls and fill your rooms with tons of personality and style. Pick prints, photographs, mirrors, or frames that express your unique style. 

5. Patio Furniture

Enhance your outside entertaining space with great outdoor furniture. You can find all sizes and prices at Crate&Barrel, CB2, Target, and Walmart, just to name a few.

6. BBQ Grill or grilling accessories

Get your soon-to-be hubby in on the registry action by adding things he will not only enjoy, but get excited about. Barbeque grills are available at Crate&Barrel, Walmart, and Sears.

7. Outdoor Games

Do you have a lawn? If so, add to your outdoor entertaining fun with a badminton or croquet set. These retro favorites are making a comeback, and you can find them at reasonable prices in big-box stores, like Target.

8. Lamps

Lighting is an important — yet often overlooked — part of your décor.

9. Area Rugs

Nothing warms up a home like an area rug. They come is all prices, sizes, and styles, and they're available at most stores where you might create a registry, like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Macy’s.

10. Tools

Everyone needs at least the basic tools. Unfortunately, Home Depot and Lowe's don’t have an online gift registry — but Sears and Amazon do, and they have everything you need in this department.

11. Wine

Are you a wine enthusiast? Websites like and offer wedding registry options.

12. Upscale Kitchen Tools

Maybe you have all the basics, so get the tools that will enhance your culinary experience. Great tools make cooking easier. A food processor, an ice cream maker, pasta machine or Vitamix should be on your list.

13. Charity Donation

Create a charity registry where guests can donate to charity in lieu of tangible gifts. This can be done through sites Just try to stay away from controversial or political causes.
Five tips for including non-traditional registry items:
1. Choose thoughtfully. A registry is for your guests’ convenience, so put yourself in their shoes. Great Aunt Ida may not be comfortable with a cash or honeymoon registry, so provide some more classic options. Also, make sure the gifts are accessible. Your guest list may span the US or even the globe, so offer a mix of brick and mortar and online registries or, even better, stores that offer both.
2. Offer price options. Make sure your gift list contains a variety of items and price ranges to choose from — so register for the kayak and the life vest.
3. Never, ever include registry information on your wedding invitation or wedding announcement. It shifts the emphasis from your wedding to the gifts. A better way to share this information is through word of mouth (make sure both sets of parents and the wedding party know where you’re registered) or a personal wedding website. Savvy guests also know to use the gift registry search engine,
4. Register together. I always encourage this — after all, the gifts are for both of you. Thanks to the convenience of online registries, more guys are getting in on the action. It’s especially important when registering for non-traditional items such as BBQ grills, tools, and recreational equipment.
5. Use Amazon’s Universal Registry Button to include your non-traditional items in your wedding offers this browser application that lets you add items from other websites to your Amazon Registry. Use it to keep track of what you want from anywhere.
Remember, in the end, the choice of gift is always up to the giver. Appreciate every gift you receive, and always promptly show your appreciation with a heartfelt, hand-written thank you note.
—Cheryl Seidel, founder and president of is an intuitive search engine that helps gift givers quickly and easily find online registries for weddings, baby showers, graduations and more. Created by gifting etiquette expert Cheryl Seidel in 2012, streamlines the gift-giving process by instantly providing the user with direct links to the recipient’s registries. The site has affiliate relationships with more than 25 major retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Seidel, a mother of two with more than 22 years of marketing experience, is an etiquette expert who regularly writes about registry and etiquette tips on her Ask Cheryl blog hosted on The Floridian is active in her community and donates 10 percent of profits from to charities that help children. For more information, visit

Avoid These 5 Wedding Registry Mistakes

Starting your wedding registry soon? Karin Sun, co-founder of Crane & Canopy, shares the most common mistakes couples make when choosing their bedding. 
Mistake #1: Choosing bedding with the highest thread count. 
Most people think the higher the tread count, the better the sheets. But Sun warns that thread count doesn't give you the entire picture. "There are only three things I look for in my bedding choice to get that optimum soft, silky, and smooth feel — the fabrics are between 300 and 450 thread count, made from extra-long staple single-ply cotton, and in a sateen weave," she said. 
 Mistake #2: Thinking you need to choose "grown-up" colors. 
"Don’t shop for bedding like you would your formal china," recommended Sun. "The look of luxury does not mean your linens need to be white." Instead, add some personality to your bedroom with pops of colors and patterns. 
 Mistake #3: Matching everything. 
Find the right balance between patterns and basics. For example if you choose a bold chevron duvet cover, match it with more traditional, basic sheets. Not a fan of the coordinating pillows on display? Shop around and choose your own. "There are no rules when coordinating the sheet set, shams, and duvet cover," said Sun. "It's fun to mix and match complementary patterns and textures."
 Mistake #4: Registering for just one comforter. 
Think about your bedding needs through the seasons; for example, you may want a lightweight comforter for the spring and summer but a down comforter for those cold winter nights. The added benefit here is that you get to choose two different patterns, so you'll never get sick of your bedding! And register for more sheet sets than you think you'll need; it's always good to have a spare or two in the linen closet.
 Mistake #5: Thinking only about the present. 
Do you currently have a queen bed? If you're considering upgrading to the king, register for that king comforter instead. It'll still work on your smaller bed, but you won't need to replace it when you do get the king. Are you planning on moving into a larger home after the wedding? Think about your guest room needs as well. "It may be far off, but the life and family you will have in the future will happen sooner than you think," said Sun.