Avoid These 5 Wedding Registry Mistakes

Starting your wedding registry soon? Karin Sun, co-founder of Crane & Canopy, shares the most common mistakes couples make when choosing their bedding. 
Mistake #1: Choosing bedding with the highest thread count. 
Most people think the higher the tread count, the better the sheets. But Sun warns that thread count doesn't give you the entire picture. "There are only three things I look for in my bedding choice to get that optimum soft, silky, and smooth feel — the fabrics are between 300 and 450 thread count, made from extra-long staple single-ply cotton, and in a sateen weave," she said. 
 Mistake #2: Thinking you need to choose "grown-up" colors. 
"Don’t shop for bedding like you would your formal china," recommended Sun. "The look of luxury does not mean your linens need to be white." Instead, add some personality to your bedroom with pops of colors and patterns. 
 Mistake #3: Matching everything. 
Find the right balance between patterns and basics. For example if you choose a bold chevron duvet cover, match it with more traditional, basic sheets. Not a fan of the coordinating pillows on display? Shop around and choose your own. "There are no rules when coordinating the sheet set, shams, and duvet cover," said Sun. "It's fun to mix and match complementary patterns and textures."
 Mistake #4: Registering for just one comforter. 
Think about your bedding needs through the seasons; for example, you may want a lightweight comforter for the spring and summer but a down comforter for those cold winter nights. The added benefit here is that you get to choose two different patterns, so you'll never get sick of your bedding! And register for more sheet sets than you think you'll need; it's always good to have a spare or two in the linen closet.
 Mistake #5: Thinking only about the present. 
Do you currently have a queen bed? If you're considering upgrading to the king, register for that king comforter instead. It'll still work on your smaller bed, but you won't need to replace it when you do get the king. Are you planning on moving into a larger home after the wedding? Think about your guest room needs as well. "It may be far off, but the life and family you will have in the future will happen sooner than you think," said Sun.

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