What to Do With Your Dress After Your Wedding

Finding your cheap bridal gown is a big deal. You probably did a lot of research to find the perfect store, the perfect style, and the perfect look. So what will become of it after the last dance has ended and all your guests have gone home? Don't just leave it to collect dust under your bed. Here are 6 clever things to do with your dress once the big day is over.
1. Donate it. After you're done enjoying your gorgeous gown, why not let someone else experience that level of happiness? Organizations like Brides Across America and Brides Against Breast Cancer afford brides the opportunity to donate their dresses. Paying your perfect dress forward could turn someone else's dream wedding into reality.
2. Turn it into a work of art. If you're a visual person that likes physical reminders of big events that will bring back memories for years to come, frame a piece of your dress! Take some of the lace details or the elaborate bead work and feature it on a wall in your new home for a sweet reminder of your celebration.

3. Transform it into a cocktail dress nz. You worked with your seamstress to get the dress to fit perfectly, so why not reach out post-wedding to turn it into a custom cocktail dress? Every time you put that little white dress on, you'll get to relive your wedding in a fun (and comfortable!) way. It's the perfect first anniversary outfit!

4. Re-purpose it. Love bags? Use the satin, lace, or tulle from your dress to create a clutch. Obsessed with jewelry? Cut a piece of fabric from your gown, and weave it into an understated necklace. If staying in is more your speed, turn your dress into a few small pillows or a quilt.

5. Preserve it for posterity. Every bride loves her dress, and if the saying "like mother, like daughter" proves true in your family, your unique gown may be just what your future daughters want to wear when their day comes. Hey, you never know what the future holds!

6. Trash it! Send your dress off in style! Swim underwater, play in the mud, or hire an artist to throw paint at you. Want to document the fun you had saying goodbye to your dress? Hire a photographer.

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