Stuff Every Groom Should Know: 10 Things That Change After Marriage

Marriage is more than an expensive ring and a joint income tax return. It’s a transformation from you to two. Here are ten things that are going to change after marriage (and we promise, no more bad rhymes).
1. Your health.
This will matter to someone other than you and your mom, so take care of yourself.
2. Your money management.
You are now spending (and saving) for two.
3. Your relationships.
Other women are no longer “possibilities” — obviously.
4. Your social role.
People, even your old friends, will start seeing you as one half of a pair.
5. Your relationship with your wife.
It’ll be easier to take your partnership for granted, so do your darndest to ensure that doesn’t happen.
6. Your first impression on people.
Others will see you as more mature and, therefore, take you more seriously. Don’t question it; let them have their delusions.
7. Your hopes, goals, and dreams.
You’ll still want the same things, but now you’re sharing those things with someone else.
8. Your friendships.
Married couples tend to gravitate toward other married couples and away from single friends. Be prepared.
9. Your sense of commitment.
Before marriage, it was a work in progress. Now? You’ve sealed the deal.
10. Your perception of yourself.
Realizing that your life is intertwined with another’s and that you are, in part, responsible for that person’s well-being means that your entire outlook will change. That’s a big deal.

Five Things That Definitely Won’t Change

Yes, marriage changes some things, but as the saying goes, the more things change...
1. You.
You’ll still be the same ole you. You’ll just see yourself differently.
2. Your sex life.
If your sex life changes at all, it’ll get better.
3. Your past.
Any guy who thinks marriage is a way to escape the past is fooling himself.
4. Your finances.
If you were broke going into the wedding, chances are you’ll be broke coming out, and vice versa.
5. Your happiness.
If you’re getting married solely to fill a void in your life, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Marry your fiancĂ©e because you want to spend the rest of your life with her, period.

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