The Hottest Wedding Themes for 2015

Searching for some ideas for your big day? These themes will serve as major inspiration for weddings this year!
1. Great Gatsby
This theme has been touch and go for a few years now, but I anticipate this to be very popular this year and probably 2016 as well. What’s great about this theme is its flexibility and options — couples don’t have to be married to specific colors and can really make it their own. We recommend using sparkly linens, tall centerpieces, and black and white in the décor. Whatever pops of color that the couple chooses (gold, purple, green) will work with this theme and look amazing.

Photo Credit: Tony Yang
2. Rustic Chic
There’s “rustic” mason jars and lace, and then there’s rustic chic with sparkle and wildflowers. With more couples wanting the barn-style wedding, the rustic chic theme is very appealing. Many couples who want barn wedding sstill want there to be some formality; they are avoiding the mason jars and burlap runners and opting instead for gorgeous farm house tables, chiavari chairs, and bright pops of color. Many brides, in this case, will also rock out a pair of cowboy boots instead of heels with their dress.

Photo Credit: John Bacolo Gabelli Studio
3. Modern
Modern weddings are for couples who want the formality of a hall or ballroom but want to bring their own design to it as well. Calla lilies are often used in modern wedding designs, as well as sharp suits and fitted (but classic) wedding gowns. There isn’t anything “trendy” at a modern wedding, but for the stylish couple, this is the theme they will go with.

Photo Credit: John Bacolo Gabelli Studio
4. Secret Garden
There is something magical and beautiful about a secret garden theme, and even the most formal wedding can work here. For this style, we like to use plenty of flowers from the entrance to the exit, including mounting floral designs on the walls. Lace is a super popular fabric to use here — from the dress to the tables — while also incorporating vintage china into the place settings.

Photo Credit: John Bacolo Gabelli Studio
5. Colorblocking
Bold colors have been popular in the past few years in the fashion industry, but we're now seeing them be incorporated a lot more into weddings. This means bright colors for the wedding party, flowers, and all other décor. Many couples will use white as a base here so that their main colors are not competing for center stage. The biggest and most popular combination we are seeing is hot pink and hot orange.

Photo Credit: Papillo Photography
6. Starry Night
For couples who host their wedding in the winter months when everything is dark, we like using this theme. Working with a base of white flowers and sparkle, everything else is draped in navy blue with black undertones. Here, we can use dark blue linens to drape the tables and tall white centerpieces surrounded by candles and dripping in bling. Of course, blue uplighting is a must in order to pull the entire look together.

Photo Credit: Studio 1 Photography
7. A Midsummer Night's Dream
This theme is perfect for the couple who wants something rustic but is staying in the comfort of a ballroom. Using trees, manzanita branches, and moss, we can create a forest-like setting and really make the room feel romantic and dreamy. The colors we like to work with here are deep plums and reds, and, of course, Pantone’s color of the year, marsala.

Photos courtesy of Danielle Rothweiler
8. Pink
Some might argue that this is a color and not a theme, but we have worked with countless brides who are obsessed with pink. Some brides like dark pink, some light blush. However, when pink is the common denominator, that is the theme for the wedding. The best way to pull off pink without the wedding looking like a Sweet 16 is to incorporate different shades and work some gold into the mix. We like using tall centerpieces and gold chargers to use the color in an elegant and sophisticated way.

Photos courtesy of Danielle Rothweiler
9. Vintage
For couples who love to go antique shopping, this theme is perfect. Many of our couples like to incorporate treasures that they have found into their table décor and throughout their entire wedding. One of the couples we've worked with actually owned an antique shop and designed the wedding with items from the store. The possibilities are endless here. from a vintage escort card table to holders for the flowers.

Photo Credit: Justin Tinapay Photography
10. Farm
Farm and barn weddings are requested quite often ,and while they are not the easiest to execute, they do offer something different than the average wedding. We like to plan these weddings in the fall to lessen the chance of bad weather. The ceremony and the cocktail hour are typically held outside, while the reception can be held under a tent or inside of a barn. However, with many farms only having capacity for 100 guests inside their structures, a couple might find that they will be holding their reception outside as well.

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