Make It Personal: Gifts for your Bridesmaids

If you’re looking for a special gift idea for your BFFs, consider these beautiful silver necklaces from Nayme Inc. Each necklace, $95, bears a symbol that represents your bridesmaid’s name and comes elegantly packaged in a chic black box that details the name, its origin and meaning

The charm designs are uniquely crafted, and the necklaces are pretty enough to wear on the wedding day:

For those planning a destination wedding or who are marrying at a resort or beach, gift your friends with this pretty handmade silver plated Heart of Sand Beach Bangle, $40, from Dune Jewelry, the original beach sand jewelry company, filled with — you guessed it — sand from your wedding site’s beach. The handmade bangle has a double-looped, adjustable closure and the domed glass-like heart charm is filled with the sand of your choice. 

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You can also choose from Dune Jewelry’s vast array of necklaces, earrings, charms, and rings and find gifts for the guys as well, including cuff links, tie clips, belt buckles and key chains. Dune Jewelry has 2,500 beach sands from all over the world to choose from — nice to keep in mind as a honeymoon keepsake, too.
From Coastal Charms Jewelry, this cobalt blue sea glass necklace, $62, is sure to delight with its “Joy” charm message and pearl accent. You’ll also find a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets to choose from at Coastal Charms, all featuring varying shades of sea glass in unique, handcrafted designs.

You can always look to the stars to give your besties a gift that represents their zodiac sign. These sterling silver charms, $40 each, from Chamilia by Swarovski feature a symbol of the zodiac sign on one side and an artistic interpretation of the symbol with a banner bearing the name of the sign on the reverse side. Each charm also comes with a message of the charm’s meaning.

Message: “Still waters run deep.” This insightful motto is Scorpio’s own. Intense and independent, you have a magnetic pull that is impossible to resist.
Place each charm on Chamilia’s sterling silver Glam Chain necklace, $35, for a perfect, personalized gift they’re sure to cherish 

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