How to Choose Formal Dress For Plus Size Women

When I say plus size women, what is the first thing that come to your mind?
Plus size women or full-figured women are women that falls in the extra-large size clothing category. Yes, you can either be large-sized, fleshy and curvy or all at the same time.

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Of course just like any human being there are flaws that you and I want to keep well hidden as well as flaunting our best features.
Choosing the right formal dress for plus size women is the same done deal as when buying a regular size formal dress. You need to understand your body first before choosing a dress!
How to choose formal dress for plus size women:
1. Where will I wear this dress?
Are you attending a wedding or going to a gala or a special evening engagement? Pick a dress that you will wear more than once. One that will work well in almost all formal occasions as well as classic looking and stylish.
2. What are the features that I want to highlight?
What are your body’s best assets? Does your friends frequently tell you how they love your ……. (insert your own word)? Answer this and you will know where to emphasize.
3. What are the flaws that I want to hide? 
Do you have broad shoulders? Thick waist? Large hips? Short legs? Bulgy stomach? Large busts? If you know your flaws and strength you can work around them. Which brings us to the next point.
4. Which silhouette, necklines and waistlines are best for me?
Arm with all the facts above, it’s now time to choose the best dress with the clever use of silhouette, neckline and waistline factors to emphasize your features and de-emphasize your flaws.
For flawless skinbeautiful shoulder and nice collarbones, show off with strapless or one shoulder dress
For nice legs, show off with mid-length dress
To enhance small busts, wear push-up bras with V-neck, scalloped or sweetheart dress
For broad shoulders, wear halter dress
For thick waist, create illusion with diagonal waistline
For large hips, wear ball gown or A-line dress
For short legs, wear inverted V-shaped waistline or raised waistline
For bulgy stomach, wear princess seam or A-line dress which flairs out at the waist
For large busts, wear halter dress
Want more? Visit these links for additional tips: silhouettesnecklines andwaistlines.
5. Which fabric and color to choose?
When it comes to fabric, choose one that is flowing, smooth and drapes around the body like silk or satin. Don’t go for heavily embellished dress as it gives heavy illusion to the wearer.
We all know black and dark colors are slimming and hides unflattering parts. There is no harm in choosing other colors like blue, yellow, orange, red, green or pink as long as you stick with darker shades. You could amp it up with printed dress or patterned dress.
If you have beautiful green eyes, go for duller shades of green, red or purple dress. For red hair, go for green dress. Choose colors that enhances your features.
Print dress can help hide flaws too and some can really make you look slimmer. Read this guide on how to wear print dress.
6. How do I choose the right dress size?
Instead of choosing the right dress size, go with body measurement. Body measurements will never lie. Let a professional seamstress help you with your body measurements and opt for tailor made dress.
7. More tips?
Wear good undergarments and shapewear because they are the very basic foundation for good figure support. Bras help to lift and enhance your bust while slimming underwear can reduce bulges and rolls. The use of shapewear can help to smooth unappealing areas.
Add accessories to draw the eyes away from unflattering areas. Be careful though as choosing the wrong accessories may backfire. If you have beautiful legs, wear shorter dress and go for statement shoes.
To draw the eyes to your face, wear statement earrings or necklace.
If you have a thick and short neck, don’t wear large necklace.
For thick arms, cover with see-through shawl or wear bracelets.
plus size
Before choosing a formal dress, remember to ask yourself: what are my best features? which areas of my body do I want to flatter and which area I want to play down? Most importantly, wear the dress and don’t let the dress wear you. Carry yourself confidently!
Do you have any tips to share with our readers? Drop us a comment below.

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