4 Tips To Style A Wedding Dessert Table And 25 Ideas

dessert table is a must for every wedding, whatever you serve – it’s always present! You don’t need any stylist for decorating the dessert table, do it yourself. We’ve prepared some tips that may be useful for designing one, let’s take a look.


As I’ve just said: you needn’t a stylist for designing your dessert table. Even if you aren’t able to style a dessert table yourself on the big day, ask a trusted family member or friend for help.
Set up a trial run of the jars, platters, backdrop and signage beforehand and you take plenty of photos. Then give them the pics and voila!
a simple dessert table decorated with candle lanterns and white blooms plus baby’s breath
a stylish dessert able with cookies and cakes plus souffle in vintage tea cups
style a dessert table and take pics to give them to the person who’s gonna do that on your wedding day


Speaking of table decor, continue the color scheme and style that you’ve chosen for the wedding. Make your dessert table a continuation of your wedding decor. Desserts look best displayed at varying heights and depths. Think three dimensionally – place some desserts or candy jars behind each other. If you are serving donuts, try a trendy donut wall. Doing these things will add visual interest to the table and stop it from looking sparse. Add some scoops and tongs of various kinds to keep your guests’ hands clean. For guests who prefer to take a sweet treat home for later, provide some pretty bags with an attached thank you card.
Provide your guests with a variety of foods, flavors and candies so they can decide just how much sweetness they want to indulge in.
a rustic garden wedding dessert table with plenty of greenery and blooms and vintage frames plus lace

a lush spring garden dessert table with lights and hanging greenery and blooms in pink and white

a modern geometric dessert table with copper and marble touches and faceted items
an outdoor dessert table decorated with greenery and blooms for an intimate garden wedding
an outdoor dessert, fruit and cheese table decorated with lush and bright florals
a boho-themed dessert table decorated with macrame, macrame dream catchers and a lace runner
provide your guests with different flavors and options, so that your guests could choose something
serve the sweets in various ways, some of them lower, some of them higher to display them at their best
rock various stands including tiered ones and trays to show every type of sweets in a cool way
if it’s a rustic dessert table, try galvanized steel stands and raw wood slices for displaying
donuts is a trendy idea for a wedding, and if it’s a modern one, you may go for an acrylic stand
if you are serving donuts, make a trendy donut wall to display them with style


Place a sign to attract attention to your dessert table, it’s always a good idea. You should also place smaller signs or toppers on the candy and desserts helps guests identify what they are eating.
go creative with signs choosing various quotes and phrases that you like
add toppers and markers to all the treats to mark them if there’s no place fo signs

 and you may change names of the sweets any time
a whole sweet table menu used as a backdrop and a trendy donut display

The Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes now are often statement pieces that highlight wedding decor and theme. Use your cake as the focal point of the dessert table. Raise it up on a cake stand, center it in the middle of the table and then style the rest of your desserts around it.

highlight your wedding cake placing it on the tallest stand that you have
display your cake at its best and place it higher than the other sweets you serve
if you don’t have a cake but pies, display them on similar stands and highlight them

the wedding cake is placed on the highest stand to accentuate it as possible

if there are several wedding cakes, place them at different heights, the largest one the higher than the rest

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