Small etiquette from G for money gifts to H for wedding train

Money gifts:

A bride and groom who already have a complete household on the day of the marriage no longer need ower vases and tea towels. In order to avert such things, the guests can be switched to monetary gifts. The bride and groom can, for example, indicate on the invitation that a piggy bank is being set up and the content is being used for an object of lasting value (eg picture, carpet). Marriage proposal: Most women wait for HE to speak. The chosen one may be asked diplomatically to nally ask the question of all questions. It is still relatively rare for the woman to suggest marriage to the man. The marriage proposal is not tied to any form. You can choose the words you want, you can make the request in person, in writing, by phone, by fax or e-mail and no one needs to ask except the adult bride. And if she gives "a basket", that is her right.

Wedding announcements:
30 Wedding invitation cards: monetary gifts on the wedding invitation - weddix 2/4 Written or printed wedding announcements go to people who are not invited to the wedding but should be informed. With advance notice (We are getting married on ...), the bride signs with her maiden name, then the groom (Karin Müller and Michael Kunz). On the post notication (We got married ...). depending on the choice of name, it says Karin and Michael Kunz, Karin Müller-Kunz and Michael Kunz etc. Parents can also announce the marriage of their children in advance or afterwards. Anyone who receives a wedding announcement congratulates the bride and groom in writing or in person (by phone). A gift is possible but not mandatory. Wedding suit: A man can say the yes word in almost every outt today. A dark suit is of course the least for a white wedding dress. The tuxedo is used, which - although a classic evening suit - can be worn all day. The same applies to the dinner jacket and the Stresemann. The cut only ts a big wedding and should be exchanged for a tuxedo after the church wedding in the morning. The tailcoat is used for even larger weddings. The groom wears it for the wedding in the morning, then changes his clothes and throws himself into the tailcoat again after 7 p.m.

Wedding car:

Whether "Rolls-Royce" or "Duck", a wedding car never drives faster than 30 or 40 km / h through the city. After all, passers-by should be able to admire the newlyweds in the wonderfully decorated car! Wedding invitations: They are usually sent in writing or in print by post. E-mails or faxes are also possible among very young people with the appropriate equipment. The invitations should be sent four to six weeks before the wedding. The recipient needs to know who is getting married when and where the celebration is taking place. It is important to add "uAwg bis ..." ("Please answer until ..."), because the couple wants to know how many guests they can expect. Further information is possible on the invitation, for example regarding clothing (eg "Please appear in traditional costume"), gifts (eg "Gift list to follow") or accommodation for guests (eg "Room in the Gasthof Sonne"). The response to an invitation can be in writing or orally (by phone).

Wedding gifts: They are usually presented when the bride and groom greet the arriving guests before the celebration. Helpful hands (e.g. that of the bridesmaids) decoratively set up the gifts on a table that is visible to everyone. They are unpacked either on the very advanced evening with the active participation of the guests (then the bride and groom can thank them personally) or only when everyone is gone. Wedding gifts - even little loved ones - will never be given away. That supposedly brings bad luck. Wedding-night: The bride and groom alone decides where it takes place: in their own four walls, in the house of their or their parents, in the hotel etc. The woman can be carried across the threshold into her own home.

Wedding cake:

Whatever it looks like, whether one or more levels, one ingredient must not be missing: marzipan. It consists, among other things, of almonds, and they promise happiness in love. The cake is usually served with afternoon coee, but it can also end the celebration at midnight. The bride and groom must cut together: the bride holds the knife, the groom puts his hand on hers and guides. First the guests of honor are served, then each guest receives a piece. Wedding procession: If the bride and groom go to church together, the wedding procession is organized as follows: groomsman and bridesmaids - children scattering owers - bridal couple - bride mother to the right of the groom's father - bride father to the left of the groom's mother - close relatives (siblings, grandparents, godparents) - 0 Wedding invitation cards: monetary gifts on the wedding invitation - weddix Wedding invitation cards: monetary gifts on the wedding invitation - weddix' - all rights reserved removed Relatives - friends and acquaintances. When entering the church, the bride goes to the left of the groom to the altar, when leaving the church, the wife now goes to the right of her loved one. cheap formal dresses

Creative wedding games to buy online

Are you still looking for creative wedding games to loosen up the wedding party? We have put together some great ideas for you that guarantee lots of fun entertainment for both the bride and groom and the wedding guests. Discover great games for the wedding from our partner

Community artwork: wooden mosaic for painting Surprise for the newlyweds and entertainment for the guests: everyone is involved in a great community work of art. From many puzzle pieces, which each guest can freely design according to their wishes, a colorful, creative picture is created and a great memory of the wedding day. The special feature: The nished picture can only be recognized after the puzzle pieces have been put together and is presented as a wedding gift. Now discover the ! wooden mosaic as a complete package!

The wedding heart to be cut out for the newlyweds A wonderful wedding game and gift for the bride and groom after the wedding directly in front of the registry oce: the well-known wedding heart made of fabric, also called bed sheet heart. The newly married couple cut out the wedding heart together with two scissors. Then the groom carries his bride through the heart into the common life! The wedding heart certainly brings the necessary marriage happiness and is a wonderful photo motif and a lasting memory for the bride and groom and all wedding guests. The You can also individually can be printed with the names of the newlyweds!

Guestbook alternative - ngerprint tree on canvas It is easier for wedding guests to create almost no special reminder of the wedding day. Simply set up the canvas and o we go: every wedding guest uses his stamping ink to put his ngerprint on the canvas. And write his name or a small dedication. Together, all ngerprints form a beautiful, colorful picture. You can choose from various beautiful motifs and also have the names of the bride and groom printed on the canvas in advance. Discover even more information about the .

Sawing a tree trunk - wedding use as a complete set The bride and groom have to go through (sawing): The groom and bride traditionally saw a tree trunk together, each on their side of the saw. And that is not so easy and requires good coordination. In any case, this wedding game provides funny lming and beautiful photos for the wedding album. Finally, some weddingguests can sign on the fresh wooden surface. Here is the wedding game .

Wedding painting - entertainment for guests This wedding game is one of the classics. But with this practical you can save yourself a visit to the hardware store and get all the components with a click of the mouse. All you have to do is unpack the wedding game, put the canvas on the easel, provide paints and brushes and the painting action can begin. By the way, you can choose between a blank canvas and various wedding motifs.

Money gift treasure chest as a money gift & dance game The treasure chest lled with money is locked with the chain and three locks. The keys are secretly distributed to three (dance-mad) guests. The bride and groom can now dance with dierent wedding guests and ask each guest for a key. There is dancing until all the keys have been "collected" and the treasure chest including the money gift can be opened. The contains a chain, three locks and three matching keys. Funny cartoons of the newlyweds as a wedding gift The wedding couple is always a happy present for a wedding, funny drawn as a caricature. Using a photo and the template you selected, the cartoon artists create a funny portrait of the wedding couple - shown, for example, in their hobby or in a romantic pose as a couple. Have the romantic wedding cartoon professionally printed on a canvas. A is a romantic and personal wedding gift that will remain a wonderful memory of a special day for a long time.

Feed Groom: Funny Wedding Game tree saws as a complete set complete set complete set including a beautiful treasure chest wedding cartoon 2020/6/24 Creative wedding games from - weddix 4/5 A classic among wedding games in many countries - now nally in Germany! Behind the large sheet stands the groom, who puts his face through a slit so that the "baby" gets a head. The bride - also behind the sheet - embraces her loved one and puts her hands through the slits provided. And now it starts: she "feeds" her loved one with baby porridge or a banana, "brushes" his teeth or tries to put a pacier in his mouth. The imagination knows no limits. From the front it looks as if the "baby" would do this himself. It goes without saying that something goes wrong or that the toothpaste lands on your nose. The wedding guests as an audience are at the sure to have a lot of fun! Kussmund canvas - all love for the wedding couple The kiss mouth canvas is a simple wedding game. great entertainment for the guests and a wonderful gift to the newlyweds for the wedding that comes with all their heart. All guests can place a kiss on the canvas with a normal lipstick and write a small dedication or their name. A lot of fun, especially for the male guests! You get a high-quality artist canvas on a stretcher with your desired motif for the . So: put on lipstick and let's go!

Wedding frames for special wedding photos The picture frame for the wedding is a well-known wedding game, which provides wonderful memories of the most beautiful day in life. The guests pose one after the other alone or in groups with the wedding frame and are photographed. Of course, pictures can also be taken grouped by hobbies, professions, cities, etc. The individual photos create a beautiful and lasting memory for all guests of the evening. Now discover in dierent designs.

Umbrella dance - creative idea for wedding games The umbrella dance is a popular wedding game to loosen up the wedding party and to involve all guests in the dance action. The bride and groom dance with the umbrella in hand and the wedding guests either throw streamers or wool over the dancing couple. The rotation of the dance creates a "wedding cave" for the newlyweds. The contains a noble umbrella and wool or streamers. cheap formal dresses online

The most beautiful wedding trends 2020

New year, new wedding planning season and above all: new wedding trends! Many trends such as naturalness or boho wedding will continue to exist, but will be supplemented and enriched with new elements. In addition, this season inspires with a whole range of fresh favorite colors and design ideas. Get inspired and nd the perfect style for your dream wedding!

Smoke Bombs for the wedding photos Denitely come to stay are smoke bombs. The colorful clouds of smoke were already an absolute highlight in the last wedding season that could be seen at many weddings and especially wedding photos. Smoke bombs not only give the bride and groom shoot a unique atmosphere, they are also a nice idea for moving out of the church. The are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can also choose the color that suits your wedding theme. Classic Blue - Pantone trend color 2020 Blue as a wedding color has been with us for a long time and is used again and again in all color nuances in wedding decorations. For example, we see blue again and again in maritime-inspired wedding concepts. In addition, blue, especially for the vintage wedding, has been a popular color for the groom's wedding suit for several years. The Pantone color institute has now dened Classic Blue as a trend color for 2020 - simply wonderful! A classic blue conveys calm and harmony, convinces with simple, timeless elegance and gives your wedding a modern, elegant look. You can not only glamorize the trend color, but also combine it wonderfully for your natural vintage wedding.

For example, while the groom can get a blue bow tie for the classic blue look, the bride can set highlights with blue shoes or blue owers in her hair. The color can of course also be found in the bridal bouquet - blue blooming owers such as anemone, cornower, hydrangeas make themselves particularly beautiful in combination with green plants - ivy with blue berries are ideal here! For the elegant wedding suitable in white and blue, while can not be missing for the natural variant kraft paper

Color accents in Classic Blue can also be wonderfully integrated into the decoration of your wedding cake - depending on what ultimately ts your motto better, you can decorate (half) naked cakes with fresh blueberries or wrap your wedding cake with white cream and then also with Decorate blueberries, blackberries or dark lavender.

Unplugged Wedding - wedding without smartphones "Welcome to our Unplugged Wedding. We invite you to fully experience this special moment with us, please leave your smartphones in your pockets". At an unplugged wedding, the newlyweds ask their guests to put their smartphones and other technical devices aside to experience the moment unltered. In principle, it is a photo ban - only the wedding photographer should take photos of the wedding and capture special moments. The nice thing about it: The touched faces of the guests will also be visible on the wedding pictures, since they do not hold cameras or cell phones in front of them and the professional photographer will not be disturbed in

Boho Glam - glamorous wedding trend Boho Wedding - a wedding trend that has neither in recent yearsto think away from the wedding decoration. The glamorous sister of this wedding style has already enchanted us in 2019 and Boho Glam is also an absolute highlight for the 2020 wedding season. Less rustic, but much more glamorous, Boho Glam is the perfect style for all of you who are a bit hippie at heart but don't want to do without Hollywood glamor. What sounds absolutely contradictory at rst turns into a fabulous eye-catcher by skillfully combining the individual components! Shimmering velvet and golden accents are just as conceivable for this look as artistic and handmade decoration, oriental carpets and metal lanterns. So to speak, the lightness of the boho wedding is combined with a touch of 1001 nights. What remains? The individual mix of old and new,

Wedding trend 2020: dried owers - natural elegance Dried owers are a trend topic that has already been seen at many weddings this year and will certainly become more popular in the wedding year 2020. For the oral decoration for the wedding - regardless of whether for the decoration or the bridal bouquet - the focus here is on dried owers and twigs, both alone and in combination with fresh owers. Rabbit's feet grass, silver leaf and various grasses can be used here as well as cotton, millet, barley or linen. It is best to combine the sand colors of the dried grass with warm cream tones - your wedding decoration will also be particularly beautiful if you also set color highlights, such as with rich blue tones, but also old pink and rose are suitable color combinations. Matching this wedding trend are stationery and . By the way - dried owers are the perfect addition to your Boho Glam Wedding

Half Naked Cakes and Drip Cakes - Wedding Cakes Trend 2020 For several years now, naked cakes have been enchanting us at weddings. Instead of lavishly coated with fondant and wrapped in a thick layer of sugar, naked cakes show their individual layers and are usually decorated with real owers or fresh fruit instead of marzipan. The "naked" cakes will be a bit more covered in the coming wedding season: half naked cakes are in a way a compromise between classic fondant cake and naked cakes. The individual oors can also be seen here, but they are somewhat covered with cake cream or cream. The wedding cakes look particularly nice with wooden cake toppers !

Often you can see the Naked or Half Nakeds Cakes in combination with another trend in wedding cakes: the so-called Drip Cakes. Here the cake pouring, no matter whether chocolate or frosting, runs down the edge and forms decorative drops.
Flower swing for the wedding While the male wedding guests presumably smile at this trend, girls' hearts beat faster: a swing decorated with elaborate owers and tendrils becomes a highlight for the decoration, but especially for the wedding photos. The ower swing is a real eye-catcher for your room decoration or as a background for your . The colorfully decorated swing at the wedding is also a wonderful idea as an accessory for the photo box and is just as trendy as the ower curtain or light curtain. 

Inspirations Shoot - so you can implement the wedding trends We did not miss it and staged some of our favorite decoration trends in a magical inspiration shoot for you to show you how you can implement these wonderful wedding trends. In the beautiful in Munich, we decorated for you with the great photographers from Wedding Memories, inated balloons, distributed confetti, folded invitation cards and made party favors. We hope you like the result as much as we do! Blumen Adler gave us great support with fabulous bridal bouquets, ower arrangements and ower arrangements. We also have beautiful rings from the ring provided as well as sparkling silver cutlery, plates, candlesticks and much more from the WILKENS silver manufactory. Have fun ♥ Here you can information about our shoot as a a PDF. We would be happy to send you more pictures on request. Just send us an email to

Marble decoration and metallic on the wedding
 Here two megatrends have found each other! Marble has been seen at many weddings for a long time and will continue to be popular in the coming season. Whether real marble or marble pattern, in wedding stationery or decoration - this look will be with us for quite a while. Marble structures can be combined very well with metallic, especially Schlosscafé Palmenhaus wedding smithy download press release as 2020/6/17 Unplugged Wedding, Smoke Bombs & Co - the most beautiful wedding trends - weddix 11/27 the . This creates a wonderfully elegant look, for example, when writing on marble paper with calligraphically curved writing in shiny rose gold. Our ultimate trend mix for 2018 is therefore with shimmering metallic accents

Wedding trend industrial and geometric design Boho, vintage and Co. are facing strong competition this wedding season! More and more bridal couples are opting for an urban industrial style wedding. This wedding trend is perfect for newlyweds who cannot identify with trends such as vintage and boho and prefer the dreamy, romantic decoration to a modern, clear design of the wedding decoration. The decoration of these wedding celebrations is characterized by geometric shapes, e.g. triangle, square or pentagon, in connection with shiny metal and other industrial elements. The combination of industrial with rose gold and is particularly popular , also two trends that have denitely come to stay. The industrial style can be extended from wedding decoration to all areas of the wedding: Geometric shapes also cut a good gure on wedding stationery, cakes and even wedding dresses. For a perfect look, the location is also selected to match the - in this case, the choice rarely falls on a castle with a classic wedding hall, instead on a hall with an urban air - concrete oors, exposed pipes and sparse furniture are ideal here!

Jute, kraft paper and wood - trend nature wedding The has been a trend for a while and is also with us in the new wedding year. Weddings in this style mainly use natural materials such as wood, stone, kraft paper or jute. An important core element is leafy plants such as olive branches, ivy, herbs or myrtle. What is new this season is that the classic plants are increasingly supplemented by palm motifs. Accordingly, the color green naturally dominates, often combined with white and rose gold

Elegant wedding trend: modern neutrals Modern neutrals, nude, greige ... this stylish trend has many names, but they all describe the same thing: bright, neutral colors as the basis for a simple & modern wedding decoration. The interplay of light color 2020/6/17 Unplugged Wedding, Smoke Bombs & Co - the most beautiful wedding trends - weddix 16/27 shades in white, cream, taupe, beige and light gray creates a coherent, reserved decoration concept. Combine it with delicate apricot or pink tones to create a unique look! are and will certainly remain the classic - for a particularly modern and stylish look, the other reserved colors are also an attractive alternative.

Trend colors for the wedding: ultramarine blue and burgundy Radiant ultramarine blue is one of the new trend colors for 2018. The attractive thing about this color is that it is bright and intense, but at the same time very elegant and classy. A looks particularly beautiful in combination with a and a . These contrasting colors also result in a beautiful oral decoration: in addition to the countless red owering types of owers, there are also some blue owers, e.g. cornower, forget-me-not, garden winds or squill. This powerful color combination is striking and atmospheric and can be equipped with many details that t all possible styles. Picture below: AKM photography 

Wedding colors: pink and gray The most popular wedding color and your all-time favorite is still the . There are many wonderful shades of color and appealing designs that t almost every wedding theme. Especially in wedding color pink 2020/6/17 Unplugged Wedding, Smoke Bombs & Co - the most beautiful wedding trends - weddix 21/27 combination with a reserved decoration , a very modern, noble concept is created, which is both playful and romantic, as well as classic and elegant. We are a big fan of this trend combination and show you how you can put the two colors in the spotlight

Pantone trend color of the year: Ultra Violet Of course, the ocial Pantone trend color 2018 should not be missing from this list! The Pantone Color Institute describes Ultra Violet as dramatic, thoughtful, original and mystical. As a wedding color, the dark purple shade is extremely symbolic. It stands for people's longing for more peace and reection in an everyday sensory overload. In addition, the development ts more naturalness, which has been seen at weddings for several years, and increasingly also for smaller wedding celebrations. The color tone immediately creates a very pleasant, cozy atmosphere in which all wedding guests will immediately feel comfortable. At the same time, stand for creativity and individuality - keywords that should particularly catch the eye of the boho trend. The Pantone trend color of the year ts the "what is allowed" mentality, with which more and more newlyweds approach their wedding preparations. Weddings should above all correspond to the taste of the bride and groom and reect their unique personalities. 

Boho wedding trend - feathers and dream catchers One element of the boho and hippie trend this season is particularly important: feathers! No wonder, after all, they are the epitome of the relaxed hippie style. With their wonderfully romantic and dreamy look, they are a popular motif for wedding cards, but more and more feathers can also be seen on wedding dresses and in bridal bouquets. Real trendsetters use dream catchers as decorations for the special , which can be hung up at a for example in the trees. 

Wedding trend color: papaya orange This special, "dirty" orange tone is also one of the hot new trend colors 2018. The advantage of decorations is that they set color accents, but also don't look too gaudy. Especially in combination with gray, the color comes into its own - this creates a very modern, fresh look. When it comes to the composition of the bridal bouquet, papaya orange is often combined with lighter shades of orange and cream fowers.  semi formal dresses

Wedding trend watercolor The new particular have beautiful color gradients in a watercolor look. No wonder, after all, the watercolor look looks wonderfully artistic, romantic and modern at the same time. Depending on which colors are chosen and in which intensity, watercolor can be displayed both bold and bold as well as delicate and elegant. Cards in this style can be abstract, but motifs such as owers or feathers are also possible. On wedding cards, watercolor is often combined with calligraphy-style fonts. Also on wedding cakes and other , elements in a watercolor look are a highlight.

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