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Are you still looking for creative wedding games to loosen up the wedding party? We have put together some great ideas for you that guarantee lots of fun entertainment for both the bride and groom and the wedding guests. Discover great games for the wedding from our partner

Community artwork: wooden mosaic for painting Surprise for the newlyweds and entertainment for the guests: everyone is involved in a great community work of art. From many puzzle pieces, which each guest can freely design according to their wishes, a colorful, creative picture is created and a great memory of the wedding day. The special feature: The nished picture can only be recognized after the puzzle pieces have been put together and is presented as a wedding gift. Now discover the ! wooden mosaic as a complete package!

The wedding heart to be cut out for the newlyweds A wonderful wedding game and gift for the bride and groom after the wedding directly in front of the registry oce: the well-known wedding heart made of fabric, also called bed sheet heart. The newly married couple cut out the wedding heart together with two scissors. Then the groom carries his bride through the heart into the common life! The wedding heart certainly brings the necessary marriage happiness and is a wonderful photo motif and a lasting memory for the bride and groom and all wedding guests. The You can also individually can be printed with the names of the newlyweds!

Guestbook alternative - ngerprint tree on canvas It is easier for wedding guests to create almost no special reminder of the wedding day. Simply set up the canvas and o we go: every wedding guest uses his stamping ink to put his ngerprint on the canvas. And write his name or a small dedication. Together, all ngerprints form a beautiful, colorful picture. You can choose from various beautiful motifs and also have the names of the bride and groom printed on the canvas in advance. Discover even more information about the .

Sawing a tree trunk - wedding use as a complete set The bride and groom have to go through (sawing): The groom and bride traditionally saw a tree trunk together, each on their side of the saw. And that is not so easy and requires good coordination. In any case, this wedding game provides funny lming and beautiful photos for the wedding album. Finally, some weddingguests can sign on the fresh wooden surface. Here is the wedding game .

Wedding painting - entertainment for guests This wedding game is one of the classics. But with this practical you can save yourself a visit to the hardware store and get all the components with a click of the mouse. All you have to do is unpack the wedding game, put the canvas on the easel, provide paints and brushes and the painting action can begin. By the way, you can choose between a blank canvas and various wedding motifs.

Money gift treasure chest as a money gift & dance game The treasure chest lled with money is locked with the chain and three locks. The keys are secretly distributed to three (dance-mad) guests. The bride and groom can now dance with dierent wedding guests and ask each guest for a key. There is dancing until all the keys have been "collected" and the treasure chest including the money gift can be opened. The contains a chain, three locks and three matching keys. Funny cartoons of the newlyweds as a wedding gift The wedding couple is always a happy present for a wedding, funny drawn as a caricature. Using a photo and the template you selected, the cartoon artists create a funny portrait of the wedding couple - shown, for example, in their hobby or in a romantic pose as a couple. Have the romantic wedding cartoon professionally printed on a canvas. A is a romantic and personal wedding gift that will remain a wonderful memory of a special day for a long time.

Feed Groom: Funny Wedding Game tree saws as a complete set complete set complete set including a beautiful treasure chest wedding cartoon 2020/6/24 Creative wedding games from - weddix 4/5 A classic among wedding games in many countries - now nally in Germany! Behind the large sheet stands the groom, who puts his face through a slit so that the "baby" gets a head. The bride - also behind the sheet - embraces her loved one and puts her hands through the slits provided. And now it starts: she "feeds" her loved one with baby porridge or a banana, "brushes" his teeth or tries to put a pacier in his mouth. The imagination knows no limits. From the front it looks as if the "baby" would do this himself. It goes without saying that something goes wrong or that the toothpaste lands on your nose. The wedding guests as an audience are at the sure to have a lot of fun! Kussmund canvas - all love for the wedding couple The kiss mouth canvas is a simple wedding game. great entertainment for the guests and a wonderful gift to the newlyweds for the wedding that comes with all their heart. All guests can place a kiss on the canvas with a normal lipstick and write a small dedication or their name. A lot of fun, especially for the male guests! You get a high-quality artist canvas on a stretcher with your desired motif for the . So: put on lipstick and let's go!

Wedding frames for special wedding photos The picture frame for the wedding is a well-known wedding game, which provides wonderful memories of the most beautiful day in life. The guests pose one after the other alone or in groups with the wedding frame and are photographed. Of course, pictures can also be taken grouped by hobbies, professions, cities, etc. The individual photos create a beautiful and lasting memory for all guests of the evening. Now discover in dierent designs.

Umbrella dance - creative idea for wedding games The umbrella dance is a popular wedding game to loosen up the wedding party and to involve all guests in the dance action. The bride and groom dance with the umbrella in hand and the wedding guests either throw streamers or wool over the dancing couple. The rotation of the dance creates a "wedding cave" for the newlyweds. The contains a noble umbrella and wool or streamers. cheap formal dresses online

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