Northern German dream wedding with decoration in rose gold

Dream wedding in northern Germany with wedding decoration in rose gold Emotional, personal and designed with love in every detail - Susanne and Oliver's wedding was an unforgettable and wonderful day for everyone involved. One of the most beautiful and emotional moments of the wedding for the newlyweds was the "rst look" after the getting ready

The two of them said yes in the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Wallinghausen. The wedding ceremony, which was conducted by the groom's father and brother, enchanted with a unique atmosphere. The bride and groom and the guests enjoyed every single second, there was laughter, dancing and crying. Dancing to "Choir" by Mark Foster, the wedding party moved out of the church after a touching, personal ceremony. The subsequent wedding celebration took place in the St. Georg barn in Rastede.

Together with her mother, the maid of honor and a good friend, Susanne decided on her beautiful with lace and Vneck after having met her in three bridal fashion stores.

The breathtaking t perfectly into the wedding concept: it inspired with green, berries and orange. The bright autumn color was a great contrast to other owers in pastel shades. The rest of the oral decorations were just as enchanting and loving.

The is a great example of how the big trends of the season can be implemented in an individual way. From the hanging decoration with greenery and compartments made of paper to geometric details for the table decoration, everything is from a single source. What is special: A large part of the family participated in the design of the decoration, so that a wonderfully personal look was created

Hard to believe, but this spectacular wedding cake was made privately, not by a professional confectioner! The naked cake went wonderfully with the individual and natural look of the wedding - and of course the decoration was coordinated with the rest of the oral decoration. Everything here is like a single piece!

The wedding stationery with romantic watercolor motifs was designed by the bride Susanne herself. We are completely in love with the result!

The bride and groom used unconventional methods to cater for the wedding guests: As , there was a whiskey bar, and guests could also satisfy the little hunger in between on an ice cream truck.

The many small details also contributed to the wonderful atmosphere at the wedding party, for example socks "against cold feet" for the groom and team bride tattoos

With "Open End" the newlyweds and wedding guests celebrated until the wee hours of the morning - the end of an all-round perfect, unique wedding celebration.

rst names of the couple: Susanne and Oliver Wedding location: barn St. Georg hotography: photography Wedding dress: Watters air & make-up: Salon Andrea Lührsen ridal jewelry : Ayajewellery ridal shoes: Another A utt groom: Lord of Eden, Daniel Wellington, lower decoration & bridal bouquet: Melanie Normann Wedding stationery: designed by the bride arty favors: DIY Wedding cake and candy bar: private wedding cake, ice cream truck - I AM LOVE catering: Residenz-Hotel zum Zollhaus Wedding car: Mercedes  cheap formal dresses australia

The 35 most beautiful ideas for the marriage proposal including instructions

You want to propose marriage to your sweetheart, but you still don't know exactly how to do it? Then you will surely nd a suitable idea here! Winter time is cuddly time: the best time of year to ask the question of all questions! You do not need to have cold feet in front of it, because we will help you, so that in the end you will also hear a "yes". Romantic - marriage proposals for romance lovers Marriage proposal with designer candles - Love Edition Culinary - marriage proposal with or with the help of food Creative - tinker marriage proposal yourself Adventurous - marriage proposals for adventure and adrenaline junkies Ready for the stage - marriage proposals in front of a large audience Love at a distance - marriage proposals from a distance Very easy - marriage proposals with child or baby
Romantic - marriage proposals for romance lovers Marriage proposal with printed slate A wonderful idea for your marriage proposal is a . The great thing about this variant of the marriage proposal is that you can then hang the slate plate as a decorative element in your home and thus have a lifelong memento of this very special moment. You can design the slate individually according to your wishes - whether with a photo or just the question Do you want to marry me printed. You can either camouage yourself as a new room decoration, place it in the apartment and wait for your loved one to discover it, or you can pack it nicely as a gift and give it to your sweetheart at a romantic dinner or as a Christmas present Birthday or anniversary

Application with message in a bottle A unique idea for your marriage proposal is also a message in a bottle with an . Whether you are planning a romantic walk on the lake or a trip to the beach is entirely up to you. Of course you can also combine the message in a bottle with a romantic picnic by the lake

Wedding proposal with love lock A to install is a beautiful proof of love: Why not use this romantic ritual to your treasure to provide the soft alternate border question? After a dinner together, your partner leads you to a bridge with love locks and asks against a fantastic backdrop: "Do you want to marry me?" It is best to sink the key into a river afterwards so that the lock remains locked forever as a sign of eternal love.

Marriage proposal with a romantic sentence from your favorite book Your sweetheart is a bookworm? Then with this marriage proposal you are guaranteed to win his or her heart. The idea can be wonderfully combined with another proposal variant and primarily concerns the wording of the marriage proposal. If you have known your partner for a long time, chances are that your favorite book has already been discussed. Reading it takes a bit of time, but the enthusiasm for the marriage proposal is worth the eort, I promise! Find a particularly romantic passage from the novel and make it the centerpiece of the
application. In this way you show your sweetheart in a very personal way that you love and appreciate him. Application with fridge magnets In the truest sense of the word a "cool" idea for the marriage proposal: magnetic words. At night, secretly writes the question, "Do you want to marry me?" with magnetic letters on the fridge. When your sweetheart comes into the kitchen the next morning, a very special surprise awaits him / her. The magnetic words can of course be attached to all magnetic surfaces, from radiators and desk lamps to bathroom ttings. A contains 510 loving words and syllables that can be combined in any way. Of course you can also have a - with your personal message and a romantic picture!

Marriage proposal with designer candles - Love Edition A special highlight for your declaration of love or the marriage proposal are our . Romantic decoration is the be-all and end-all - both for the application and for the moment when the magic three words I love you! should fall the rst time. With our candles of love you create a magically romantic atmosphere! Our designer has created various motifs for you - once classic, with a focus on the essentials: I love you in black and white. And on the other hand the variant for the creative among you: "Let's talk about love", this motif shows how wonderfully versatile love is - some messages only show up at second glance! Our quality candles bear the RAL seal of quality and are made for you in a small manufactory in Germany - just click on your favorite motif and learn more!

Application with lightbox are not only a great gift idea, you can also use them to hold your partner's hand in an original way. Equips a light box with the words "Do you want to marry me?" Then invite your sweetheart to an open-air dinner. When choosing the location, you should note that you need an outlet for the lightbox. A garden terrace or a balcony, for example, is well suited; an extension cord should be able to reach a socket in the apartment. Wind and create a romantic atmosphere . After you both have taken a seat at the table, turn on the lightbox and surprise your partner with the marriage proposal. Depending on the size of the lightbox, you can insert texts of dierent lengths. If you prefer to ask the "question of all questions" orally, you can also choose a romantic sentence, for example "I love you", "Let's choose love", "You are my sunshine" or "I <3 you to the moon" & back ".

Is there maybe this one love lm that your sweetheart can watch again and again? Then just let Hollywood inspire you for the marriage proposal and act out a famous marriage proposal scene. Strictly speaking, no marriage proposal, but the end of "Pretty Woman" is wonderfully romantic. Edward (Richard Gere) drives up to Vivian (Julia Roberts) in a white limousine and leans out of the roof window with a bouquet of red roses. The lm scene is not cheap, but it is easy to reenact. So that you don't drive past the house unnoticed, you can call your sweetheart shortly beforehand and say that he or she should look out the window. Application at the cuddle weekend A break from stressful everyday life and the perfect opportunity to ask the question of all questions: surprise your sweetheart with a voucher for a romantic weekend. The cuddle love package includes a romantic double room decorated with roses, a bottle of sparkling wine and a candle light dinner. Enjoy an atmospheric dinner with your sweetheart and then propose to marry while strolling against a fantastic backdrop. You can't get more romantic! Here you can nd more information about the Wedding proposal on the beach A holiday together is perfect to leave everyday stress behind for a while and to get into a romantic mood. You can also use the trip to celebrate your engagement properly. Discuss with your sweetheart which travel destination you both wanted to see. In this way, you also make sure that he or she really has time in the relevant week. Tip: Picturesque sandy vouchers for romantic weekends

beaches are particularly suitable for a wonderful marriage proposal. You shouldn't save too much at the accommodation, after all, it should be one of the most beautiful vacations of your life and not torture in a cheap descent. It is tempting to apply on the rst day. But the moment will be even better when you use this rst time to lay a heart in the sand with shells or stones on a remote part of the beach. If you stroll along the beach with your sweetheart after a relaxing second day of vacation and a dinner in the restaurant, you can "accidentally" pass this place. A starry sky above you, the sound of the sea in the background - the perfect setting for a marriage proposal!

Marriage proposal with 100 balloons This marriage proposal will make the hearts of romantics beat faster. Buy shaped and cords, and balloon gas to ll the balloons with helium. Find a quiet and romantic place - ideally a place that is linked to you as a couple with a romantic memory. Make an appointment with your sweetheart in the evening and await him or her there with the balloons. When your partner arrives, let the balloons y and then make the request. Important: For legal reasons it is important that the balloons rise individually and not bundled as a cluster of balloons. Also, you shouldn't let them y near an airport. Otherwise, you will need to apply for approal.

Proposal with reworks With reworks, the marriage proposal is guaranteed to be spectacular. The big advantage is that you add a lot of drama to your application, but you still don't have to do it in public. It should be noted that for reworks, a permit from the public order oce or mayor's oce must be obtained, except on New Year's Eve. If you describe your concern there in a friendly way, that shouldn't be a problem. However, you should plan a few weeks so that the application can be processed by the authority. When all the formalities have been dealt with, nothing stands in the way of reworks. For the concrete implementation, it is best to contact a . Now all you have to do is create a romantic moment in which the reworks are lit. For example, you can cook a romantic dinner for your sweetheart at home and then go out into the garden with him or her. As you watch the stars, the sky shines with romantic reworks. A moment you will remember forever!

Marriage proposal carved into a tree This proposal idea is easy to implement, but wonderfully romantic. Find a particularly beautiful tree in a place where you often go with your sweetheart. Maybe there is even someone with whom you associate romantic memories, for example because you kissed under its branches on a date. In itself, this marriage proposal does not involve a lot of preparation, but you should not underestimate the time it takes. Until you read "Do you want to marry me?" carved into the bark may take a while. If you don't want to have an audience for this, you'd better choose the evening or early morning hours. To avoid legal problems, you should also make sure that the tree in question is not on private land or in a nature reserve. Instead of using a knife an edding is much faster, but it is also much less romantic. When you have immortalized yourself with your message, you invite your sweetheart for a walk and leads him or her to the tree in which the question of all questions is incised. Then you pull out the engagement ring and propose marriage. If you do not like to carve into tree bark, need local exibility, or whose favorite tree is unfortunately on a private property, you can also label a wooden heart you have bought and hang it on the tree. This is straightforward, does not harm the tree and is easy to prepare. The highlight: you can then take your heart with you and honor it as a wonderful souvenir

Culinary - marriage proposal with or with the help of food Marriage proposal with printed dishes Guarantees the most beautiful piece of dishes your partner will ever get! Label the bottom of a cup with (waterproof!) Edding with the question "Do you want to marry me?". Tip: Choose a particularly at cup, then writing will be much easier. Surprise your sweetheart with tea or coee in the morning and wait until he or she has discovered the question on the bottom of the cup. Another variant of the application with printed dishes is a labeled plate. Prepare it in the same way as the bottom of the cup and buy or bake a large piece of cake. It is important that it completely covers the text. Present the dessert to your sweetheart as a present and watch the "question of all questions" gradually emerge. Application with printed magic mug If you don't want to simply describe the dishes with an edding, a wonderful idea for your marriage proposal! At rst glance it looks like a normal cup, but when you ll it with hot water it slowly reveals your message. You can design the cup with your pictures or with text - a unique surprise for your sweetheart!

Request at the picnic A marriage proposal at the picnic is perfect for summer. Keep track of the weather report so you really catch a day with good weather. A quiet meadow is suitable as the setting for the picnic. Public parks are usually completely overcrowded on sunny days, so they can only be used as a location if you know a real secret place. If you live in the city, it is worth planning a little more time and going to the country for a day. Pack a (picnic) basket with plates, cutlery, a blanket and of course the food. Things that are easy to pack are ideal, for example salads, sandwiches, wraps, vegetables and fruit. A cool box is ideal for drinks and sandwiches. Because the day should develop into a festive occasion, it also makes sense Take a bottle of wine and glasses with you - as a precaution, however, preferably separately so that nothing can break. A special highlight is of course a . The perfect moment to apply is when you unpacked together and made yourself comfortable on the blanket but haven't started eating yet. You can then use the picnic to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Marriage proposal in the surprise egg A simple but very original idea for the marriage proposal: an engagement ring in a surprise egg. First, carefully fold the lm around the egg. Ideally, it should not be damaged so that the surprise egg looks unaected later. Then carefully separate the two halves of the chocolate ice cream. After that, you can open the small container inside the ice and exchange the previous content for the engagement ring. When you have closed the box, you can put the two chocolate halves back together and wrap the lm around the outside. Your sweetheart will be amazed if he or she nds the ring inside instead of a plastic toy. H ochzeitsantrag with Glückskeks Typically, meaningless philosophical sayings are hidden in fortune cookies, but they can also be used for a marriage proposal. Writes the question "Do you want to marry me?" on a small, narrow piece of paper (approx. 1 cm wide and 5 cm long). Then buy a bag of fortune cookies and choose a cookie that is particularly wide open. With tweezers you can take out the note inside and exchange it for your own. For example, you can give your partner the fortune cookie as a dessert after a dinner together.

Marriage proposal at the candlelight dinner If there is a classic marriage proposal, then probably the candle light dinner. After all, it's not without reason that love goes through the stomach. It will be very romantic when you expect your sweetheart at home with a home-cooked dinner. The marriage proposal is of course a surprise, but it is advisable to announce the dinner in advance. In order for the dinner to be a complete success, the food itself and the decoration are particularly important. You shouldn't put yourself under pressure to cook a dish that is as complex as possible. Your sweetheart will denitely be happy about the homemade food, even if you don't set up a gourmet menu. The main course on the evening of the marriage proposal is, for example, heart-shaped pasta. Add a delicious sauce and grated parmesan - the perfect main course is ready. Those who like to stand in the kitchen serve delicious, homemade chocolate muns as a dessert. If you don't trust yourself to bake, you can also use small bowls with chocolate ice cream, nicely garnished with cream and strawberries. The plate on which the dessert is presented is on the edge with the question "Do you want to marry me?" labeled. The decoration for the candle light dinner is just as important as the food. As the name suggests, candles play a central role. For even more romance, you can sprinkle rose petals on the tablecloth. Then all that's missing is the right music to make the ambience perfect for the application. You can either play a playlist of romantic love songs or a self-burned CD. With so much romance, the marriage proposal can only be a success!

The question of what the ideal marriage proposal looks like cannot be answered universally, because not everyone wants the same for this special moment. To make it easier for you to nd your way around, we have clearly divided our application ideas into categories. Is your sweetheart romantic? Should the application take place in front of a large audience or with something you have made yourself? Here you will nd the perfect idea for the marriage proposal, for every type and every situation. By the way, ladies: If your loved one does not respond to your subtle hints, just take matters into your own hands! All of our marriage proposal proposals are also a convincing argument for him. Creative - tinker marriage proposal yourself Marriage proposal with puzzle Your sweetheart has a weakness for puzzles? Then this proposal idea is perfect for you! Create a with photo and thewords "Do you want to marry me?" There are very dierent options for the picture: You can choose a romantic motif, for example a bouquet of roses or a starry sky. It becomes particularly personal with a beautiful picture of you as a couple. But you can also bring the topic of wedding into the motive choice and take a photo of rings or a stylized wedding couple, for example. The variant of gradually "puzzling" the marriage proposal works primarily with inconspicuous motifs such as bouquets of owers. If you have chosen a couple picture, newlyweds, rings or the like, you'd better hand over the picture as a gift, everything else would be rather silly

Application with photo album Those who like to tinker and have beautiful couple photos on hand can make a marriage proposal with a personally designed photo album. It has the best memories of getting to know each other. In addition to photos, you can also add lyrics and other memorabilia such as cinema or entrance tickets to the album. After you have experienced your personal story as a couple and the most romantic moments in it while leang through it with your sweetheart, the wedding proposal is a surprise on the last page. It is best to plan enough pages to turn the album into a wedding album and thus be able to tell your very own love story. Of course, you can your and printed . WHAT YOU NEED: a) b) Photos of particularly romantic couple moments c) Other memorabilia, such as tickets also easily have photo album created online

Wedding proposal with personalized crossword The ideal marriage proposal for puzzle fans! Create a personalized crossword puzzle for your sweetheart and give it as a gift. The solution to the riddle can be "Do you want to marry me?" or, if you only want to ask the question afterwards, a romantic sentence like "I love you". It gets even more personal when the crossword puzzle is composed of individual questions, eg "Where were we eating on our rst date?", "On which day of the week did we get to know each other?" or "What is your favorite song?" You can create the puzzle with an online tool or by hand. The former is faster, but you have a lot more freedom when designing the puzzle yourself. Adventurous - marriage proposals for adventure and adrenaline junkies Application at the mountain top In addition to beaches, mountains are the most popular places for marriage proposals. This application idea is particularly useful if you both like to hike. Maybe there is a mountain that you always wanted to climb together? Pick a sunny weekend to put your plan into practice. You should be aware that there is a lot of activity on popular hiking trails, especially on weekends. If you do not want to have an audience when applying, you may be able to ask insider tips for hiking enthusiasts, research on the Internet or in magazines. Don't overestimate yourself and if in doubt choose a shorter, less demanding route. The most important tip of all: Wear well-tting hiking shoes that you have already run in before - with blisters on your feet, the mood will not be quite as good when you arrive at the summit. Well prepared, there is nothing standing in the way of the marriage proposal on the mountain. If you have paid attention to complete equipment and have correctly selected the route, you will arrive with your sweetheart in high spirits on the mountain peak. The feelings of happiness will increase many times over if you make the request in front of a breathtaking mountain panorama. The moment you stand together on the summit, you fall on your knees in front of your sweetheart and make the proposal. Marriage proposal on the ferris wheel The starry sky above you, beneath you the sea of lights at the folk festival ... At the top of a ferris wheel is a wonderfully romantic place to propose marriage. Before things get serious in the evening, you can relax and enjoy the day with your sweetheart. After strolling between the stalls in the afternoon, invite him or her to take a ride on the Ferris wheel. When your gondola has reached the top, you declare your love to your sweetheart, pull out the engagement ring and make the marriage proposal.

Wedding proposal for skydiving Your sweetheart loves adventure? Then this application idea is just right for you! You can book a parachute jump as a complete package and give it away for Christmas, birthday or Valentine's Day, for example. The marriage proposal requires a bit of planning, but your partner's face will be worth the eort - I promise! Label a banner with the question "Do you want to marry me?" (You can buy the fabric or simply cut an old curtain, a large tablecloth or a bed sheet). Get your closest friends together and instruct them when and where you'll land. You should wait there with the banner at the appointed time. The anticipation of being there at this special moment will surely be worth the eort When the big day comes, you can enjoy the unique experience of skydiving. You can be sure that your sweetheart will be far too excited to know anything about your marriage proposal. As soon as you have landed below, you accept the banner and position yourself with the engagement ring. Your partner will arrive in high spirits after the parachute jump, which will increase when you make the marriage proposal. Here you can read an experience report on the ! Application in the planetarium What could be nicer than having beautifully sparkling stars in the background when proposing marriage? Especially in the city, however, there is often no chance of getting a starry sky ready for lm. The solution is a marriage proposal in the planetarium. This application idea is of course particularly useful if you live near a planetarium. If not, you can also combine the marriage proposal with a city trip. In any case, you can call the operators of the planetarium, kindly describe your concerns and ask whether you can have the hall for yourself and your sweetheart for a few minutes. Meet up with your partner for dinner and then stroll together to the planetarium. Once you are in the darkened room, the romantic mood will set on its own. Marriage proposal in the tethered balloon Almost everyone has ever seen a hot air balloon from the ground, but only a few have already driven with one. Use this unique experience to ask your sweetheart the question of all questions. In any case, a fantastic backdrop is guaranteed. In addition, a hot air balloon ride is a good alternative if you want to see the world above, but is not adventurous enough for skydiving or bungee jumping. Tethered balloon rides can be booked online and the voucher is a wonderful gift for marriage proposal after the parachute jump Christmas, Valentine's Day or a birthday. Warm spring days or early summer are particularly good times, as far as possible it shouldn't be summery hot or freezing cold. You will both be amazed by the view when the landscape glides beneath you There will be another person in the hot air balloon, but there can also be no talk of a large audience. In addition, this has the advantage that the driver of the tethered balloon will certainly be happy to capture the moment in pictures. After the hot air balloon ride in the morning, you can use the rest of the day to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Application under water Your sweetheart and you like to dive? Then a marriage proposal under water is perfect for you. Book the dive as the best way to end your next summer vacation. Labeled a sign saying "Do you want to marry me?" By laminating you make it waterproof, larger copy shops oer that. This sign comes with you on vacation, but of course remains hidden until the dive. When you are both surrounded by a fantastic underwater world, you pull out the sign and make the marriage proposal. However, you should either stick the engagement ring on land or at least use a less valuable ring under water. After all, the piece of jewelry should not accidentally disappear into the oods. Here you can be inspired by a marriage proposal under water !

Ready for the stage - marriage proposals in front of a large audience Marriage proposal in the cinema If you literally want to have viewers when proposing marriage, an application via cinema advertising is perfect. While this is not necessarily the cheapest, it is a very spectacular way of asking the question of all questions. Choose a cinema and decide (together with your partner) for a lm. Then contact the cinema and ask if it would be possible to make an application in a performance. Most major cinemas have received such a request at least once and will therefore be able to answer the question quickly. If your request is answered positively, then ask immediately how high the costs are, how long the video may be, which format and which resolution it should have. This way you save yourself the work of having to make the video again because these formal things are wrong. If you have already discussed the appointment and lm with your sweetheart, you can of course also agree with the cinema when and where exactly the video should be played. As soon as you have the basic data on resolution and format, you can shoot the video. The content of it varies, of course, from pair to pair. Tell your partner how he enriched your life and why you want to marry him. It's not about making a Hollywood-ready video - it's important that your words come from the heart. When the video message is ready, it is best to send the le in advance to your contact at the cinema so that it can be tested - of course not yet in front of an audience. Since going to the cinema is an everyday thing in itself, your sweetheart will surely have no idea that you will propose marriage on this occasion. Places on the edge or at the very front are ideal so that you can get on your knees when proposing marriage. If the cinema is almost empty and your companion wants to move, you can talk yourself out of it if you want to sit close to the edge if you need to use the toilet during the lm. After the marriage proposal you will be able to laugh about it together. By the way, you don't have to watch the lm after the application, of course, if you'd rather celebrate in pairs. A candle light dinner in the restaurant makes the romantic evening perfect.

Request by radio message Do you and your sweetheart have a favorite radio station that you listen to together in the morning before work? Then you can use this ritual wonderfully for a romantic marriage proposal. Just ask your radio if it would be possible to play your marriage proposal at a certain time - usually the answer will be "yes". Immediately ask how long your message may be and whether the le should have a certain format. Then record the love message for your sweetheart and remember to send it to the radio in good time. The easiest way is to get back to the contact person you asked for the marriage proposal. On the corresponding morning you can get up a little earlier than your sweetheart (set the cell phone alarm to vibrate and place it under a pillow) and set the table for breakfast. Maybe there is even time to go to the bakery? If you have to fear that your partner is literally oversleeping the marriage proposal, you can "accidentally" drop something when you walk past the bedroom door - any annoyance will disappear in a few minutes later. When you are sitting comfortably at breakfast, you have to turn on the radio and wait for the crucial moment. After the love message has been played, you fall on your knees in front of your sweetheart and propose marriage.
Wedding proposal with serenade If you want to have family and friends with you when proposing marriage, this proposal idea is perfect for you. You can choose a love song (as easy to sing as possible) for the application. Ideal is a song that is linked to a special memory for you and your sweetheart - maybe the song you danced to for the rst time? But you can also rhyme a few lines yourself, after all it is incredibly romantic to have your "own" song as a couple. It is not important to write the next chart hit. Just try to put your feelings into words this way and tell your partner how much he means to you. Those who like to play guitar can serenade solo, but it becomes even more beautiful and spectacular with a as an accompaniment. With more instruments, a few skewed notes are much less noticeable. Let the musicians know which song should be played or send them your self-written song. Now all you have to do is gather those you would like to have with you when proposing marriage and agree with the band when and where the proposal should take place. Pick a sunny day, preferably at the weekend, and ring the doorbell at your door. Your partner will be wideeyed when he sees you at the front door. Then you will perform your song while the musicians are playing in the background. You can distribute heart balloons to family members and friends, which will be released when you have nished playing. Then you fall on your knees in front of your sweetheart and propose marriage.

Application for a posted poster Your sweetheart comes across a billboard on the way to work in the morning? Then use this space to surprise him or her with a spectacular marriage proposal. You can design your poster online and book the advertising space, but you should plan a few weeks or months depending on the location, so that the space is really free. The cost per day depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the poster, the number of other poster locations in the area, lighting and poster viewers per location. You should also ensure that a one-day booking is even possible with the relevant provider. After all, your marriage proposal should not hang in the city center for weeks. Of course you are completely free in the design, it is only recommended If your partner sees the poster on the way to work, you should of course have time in the morning on the relevant day to be on site. Get a head start by claiming to have to leave the house earlier that day. Find a hiding place near the poster and wait for your treasure to pass. You can rest assured that he or she will remain surprised when the billboard comes into view. At this moment you step out of your hiding place and propose marriage. Love at a distance - marriage proposals from a distance Marriage proposal with messenger of love Send a surprise package to your loved one. No matter where you want to surprise your partner, whether in the oce or at home, completely unsuspecting, he or she will open the package - and a red heart balloon rises. You can attach a card to the balloon to ask the question of all questions: "Do you want to marry me?". Just share your love or make a surprising marriage proposal that soars to heaven on cloud nine ... Pure romance with the oating ! Application with video message A video comes closest to a personal conversation, so this variant is very suitable if you want to make a marriage proposal from a distance. You don't have to be video experts with professional equipment to do this. You can easily shoot a video message with your mobile phone. It is easier if you organize a helper for the shoot, who uses the cell phone or the camera, but you can also work with a tripod and the self-timer function. Most of these devices also have a very acceptable sound quality (be sure to try them out beforehand!). If you want an even higher quality video, you can buy a recording device - these are available on the Internet at very aordable prices. Once you've made the marriage proposal video, you can drag it onto a computer and burn it to CD. In any case, it is advisable to send the video message in this form, since it then seems a bit impersonal to send the video only digitally. You can also make it part of a lovingly packed package this way, for example, along with owers and a ticket for a personal meeting. Whether you want to send the engagement ring with you is up to you, but it is of course much more romantic to hand it over "live". Once you have sent the parcel, all you have to do is wait until your sweetheart has received the message. With so much romance, nothing should go wrong! Application with love letter In times of email and WhatsApp, letters are rarely written. But there is something wonderfully romantic about receiving a handwritten love letter. A declaration of love written on paper conveys appreciation in a very special way. In addition, sometimes it's just easier to put your feelings down on paper than to get the marriage proposal speech o the cu. Write to someone special with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, how much he means to you and why he is just great. As an alternative to a "normal" love letter, you can give your marriage proposal letter a special form, eg "10 out of 1000 reasons to love you". With a love letter you can make a request from afar, or you can hand it over to your partner and watch Very easy - marriage proposals with child or baby Marriage proposal with baby bodysuits Being a new parent and celebrating a wedding - that means double happiness! the marriage proposal with a is a very sweet way to ask the "question of all questions". Since you want to marry and not the baby, the question in this case shouldn't be "Do you want to marry me?" or "Do you want to be my wife?" ring. Possible phrases are "Mom, do you want to marry Dad?" or "Do you want to marry my papa?" You can order a personalized romper online or buy a solid color, which you then label with edding or textile pen.

Wakes up at night (there shouldn't be a lack of opportunities with a baby) and pulls on the baby bodysuit. Then when your sweetheart goes to the nursery in the morning, you hide with the ring until he or she has read the question. Then you come out of your hiding place and make the application. Child delivers engagement ring Do you have an older child? Then you can easily include it in the marriage proposal and have the engagement ring delivered, for example. Instruct your little "assistant" exactly what to do so that nothing goes wrong at the big moment. You can also buy a t-shirt online with the words "Mom, do you want to marry Dad?" Have it printed or label one yourself. A good time for the marriage proposal is, for example, when your sweetheart comes home from work and you have previously picked up your child. Send your little helper dressed with the application T-shirt and with the ring box in hand. Wait for the rst surprise moment to pass and then come out of your hiding place. Still haven't got the sparkling marriage proposal idea? You can nd more suggestions for unforgettable marriage proposals And should you still be looking for the right engagement ring - we have wonderful suggestions and many tips for you to buy the ! here ... engagement ring! semi formal dresses australia