Free wedding ceremony

The free wedding ceremony has become more and more popular in recent years and so many bridal couples will also choose this alternative wedding ceremony this year. We will tell you here what makes free marriage so special and why an important factor for a successful ceremony, according to your wishes

What is a free wedding ceremony? Every bride and groom would like a very personal, individual wedding full of emotions. The civil wedding usually takes place in a more factual framework and the address of the registrar is standardized and must deal with the legal and less emotional aspects of the marriage. Although the church oers an appropriately festive setting, couples who have left the church, who belong to dierent religions or who imagine a completely free and individual wedding ceremony, would like an even more personal alternative for their great moment. The free wedding ceremony oers bride and groom everything: a ceremony that is completely tailored to the wishes and ideas of the couple, in a festive setting or very relaxed in the great outdoors, religious or secular. As with the civil or ecclesiastical wedding, the highlight is also at a free wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom put the ring on each other . And same-sex couples can express their love for one another with a free wedding ceremony and seal their connection.

What are the advantages of a free wedding ceremony? With the free wedding you are not tied to a specic place. It is often a good idea to hold the wedding ceremony in or at the same location where the wedding ceremony will also take place later. If you plan the wedding celebration, for example in a beautiful castle or an estate, there is no reason not to hold the wedding ceremony on site. When the weather is ne in the open air on a meadow or on the shore of a lake, a free wedding ceremony on the beach is just as possible as the wedding ceremony in a romantic tower room or in a loft with a spectacular view of the skyline of a big city - there are no limits to your imagination ! But not only the free choice of location speaks for this type of wedding. The freelance diploma theologian Friederike Keck, an expert on "alternative weddings", emphasizes another advantage of the free wedding ceremony: "It is open to all couples, regardless of a certain worldview or religious aliation. To what extent they play a role and the ceremony should be religious or secular the couples themselves. "

Why professionals make the ceremony perfect In order for the wedding ceremony to really meet the wishes of the couple and make their dreams come true, it is important to place the ceremony in the hands of wedding Everything for the wedding ceremony Check it out now! From wedding candles to litter baskets you will nd everything for the perfect wedding ceremony Check it out now 2020/7/14 Everything you need to know about free marriage. - weddix 3/3 Copyright © 2000-2020 weddix GmbH : 'Alles Wissenswerte rund um die Freie Trauung. - weddix' - Alle Rechte vorbehalten a professional. have specialized in this type of wedding. These theologians work independently of the church, so they are not pastors. When looking for a freelance theologian, the website supports you with further information and contacts. Here the various theologians introduce themselves: "With their own concept, each colleague has many tips, suggestions and ideas for the formal and content-related design of the process, because such a ceremony lives from more than just a passable speech. In addition to the right words , it requires the creation of a suitable atmosphere, and the right music, suitable symbols, perhaps the involvement of the witnesses or the guests make the ritual lively, unique and an unforgettable experience, "says Friederike Keck. She recommends at least two interviews before the wedding, so that the address and the procedure can be as personal and individual as possible. "The focus is always on the bride and groom with their history, their wishes, hopes and what this step means for the two." The free theologians and also wedding speakers are independent service providers who receive a fee for their work. How high the costs for such a free wedding are, is as varied as the oer of the theologians and must be claried with the respective provider. But you should expect prices from about 500 euros. cheap formal dresses australia

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