Wedding almonds as a guest gift

Everyone fondly remembers a wonderful wedding celebration. Wouldn't it be nice that every guest receives a small personal , as a thank you and as a reminder of this unique day? In Italy, France and many other countries it has been the custom for many years at special celebrations such as weddings and christenings to pack ve almonds in organza bags or the like and give them away to the wedding guests. In this article you will nd out what thought is behind this traditional guest gift and what wedding almonds actually are.

 What exactly are wedding almonds? Wedding almonds or christening almonds in the classic variant are fresh almonds that are wrapped in a sweet, white sugar coating. What to do with the wedding almonds? Today wedding almonds are among the absolute classics for wedding favors. According to the custom, guests at the wedding are given ve almonds, which are packed in small organza bags or cardboard boxes. In the meantime, the bridal couple can choose from a wide variety of avors and colors for this traditional guest gift and thus adapt the sweet delicacy individually to the wedding. But what do the wedding almonds actually mean and what is the custom? Why do you give wedding almonds for free? The custom of giving guests for weddings, conrmations or goes back to the times of the Sun King Louis XIV. The original candy box was once given to courtyards, mostly in valuable storage vessels made of gold, silver or crystal. The common people made do with cheaper outer packaging and so the remaining tulle of the wedding dress was cut into pieces and the almonds were packed in it, richly decorated with bows and owers. Today, wedding almonds and christening almonds are traditional gifts and are given away in pretty . The number 5 and its meaning in the wedding almonds But why do you give away 5 sugared almonds? Almonds as such are also a symbol of life. Because life can be sweet but also bitter , just like these almonds with icing . Every single the ve pieces represents a specic wish addressed to the bride and groom:

Weddix tip: labeled with the name of the guest, the guest gifts can also be used as place and are therefore also a beautiful element in the wedding decoration.

Wedding almonds nicely packaged as wedding decorations The wedding almonds in themselves look seductively delicious - packed in a pretty cover, they are a special eye-catcher! In addition to organza bags in beautiful colors or minimalist cardboard boxes made of kraft paper, you can of course also put the sugared almonds in small jars or jars. Decorated with pretty on which small owers as well as name tags or other tags can be hung, the guest gifts become a beautiful highlight for the table decoration. The packaging of the almonds as a gift can thus be adapted to the wishes of the bride and groom and adapted to the individual wedding motto. If you don't really like almonds, but still want to pick up on the almond tradition, you can of course also give other delicacies to the wedding guests with the same thought. There are no limits here: From chocolate hearts to chocolate dragees with a crispy core to small candies - everything is allowed here! There is a nice selection of wedding almonds and sweets in the weddix wedding shop! One or can also be found at the . The wedding almonds look really nice in large glasses and bowls! Together with other sweets and pretty decorative elements, such as organza table runners, garlands and lettering, as well as small signs, a real highlight for the decoration is created ! Here, too, it is advisable to match the table decorations to the rest of the wedding decorations and the motto.

Sayings for wedding almonds A nice thank you note, for example in the form of a trailer or in a nice box, completes the small gift for the guests at the wedding. Below you will nd various suggestions for a saying that you can give your guests along with the wedding almonds. Of course, you can also use any other as a guide. 

The ve almonds we give you are as sweet and bitter as life ! To give the young couple ve wishes on the way - health, prosperity, happiness, children and a long life!"

"For you, dear guests, as a small greeting, these ve almonds are with a sweet topping. Sweet and bitter, as life can be, take this candy dish home with you as a present today. They stand for happiness, love, rich children's blessings, health and success in all our ways. " ----------------------------------- "Five wedding almonds for our dear guests - a traditional present for such a celebration. They are bitter and sweet as life, stand for happiness, love, health, success and blessings. We received these wishes from you today as a thank you for our well-being we give you these almonds as a symbol. " "To give ve sugared almonds to each guest, life is both bitter and sweet - please consider. To give the young couple ve wishes - health, prosperity, happiness, children and a long life!" ---------------------------------------- "For you, dear guests, as a small greeting, these ve almonds are with a sweet topping. Sweet and bitter, just as life can be, take this bonboniere home with you as a present today. They stand for happiness, love, rich children's blessings, health and success in all our ways. " For baptisms and birthdays 

There are also some nice saying ideas for the christening almonds, which make the almonds more personal as guest gifts: "Five almonds for my dear guests, a present with tradition for such a celebration! They are bitter and sweet like life, stand for love, happiness, success, health and blessings. I received these wishes from you today for my good, as Thank you, I give you these almonds as a symbol. " -------------------- "Our little one (baptismal name) may be given health, happiness and peace!" ---------------------- "God's immeasurable goodness protect you from today! Because his grace never ends, even if you owe in his debt!" -------------------- "Children are the greatest good on earth. May our little one (baptismal name) be happy!"  cheap formal dresses



Wedding theme Alice in Wonderland Simply magical: Styled shoot "Alice in Wonderland"


Acted and lmed countless times, most recently by Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll's novel "Alice in Wonderland" is one of the great classics of world literature. The white rabbit with his pocket watch, the mad hatter and of course Alice herself are known all over the world. This styled shoot, which is magical in the truest sense of the word, proves that your magical world is also the perfect motto for a dream wedding

Central elements of the story were found in numerous places in the decoration, for example the pocket watch, the keyhole and playing card motifs. In addition, of course, the glass vessels, which hold many surprises in store for Alice in the novel, could not be missing. With great attention to detail, a wonderfully romantic, nostalgic wedding decoration was created. So that the whole thing didn't seem silly or overloaded, all the decorative elements were integrated into a clear color concept - light blue and cream harmonized perfectly with accents in gold, copper and old pink.

Of course, the bride and groom were also styled in the "Alice in Wonderland" look. The groom's suit, with its walking stick and top hat, was somewhat reminiscent of the Victorian era, the epoch in which the novel is set. A large bow gave the bridal outt that certain something.

With its timeless elegance and romantic atmosphere, the Hotel Kasteel Bloemendal was the ideal location for a wedding under the motto "Alice in Wonderland". A place where there is already magic in the air ts perfectly with this extraordinary story. The lovingly designed signpost, which is more confusing than oering orientation, was entirely in the style of Alice

The three bridesmaids obviously had their fun at the styled shoot - and their dresses with the romantic shades of cream, old pink and fuchsia t harmoniously into the color concept of the wedding. cheap formal dresses australia

First names of the bride and groom: Laura and Stephan Wedding location: Vaals hotography: Wedding dress: Victoria rue dea, concept, organization: Oxana Homann, dream wedding Aachen air & Make-up: Maya Kuns Wedding cake and candy bar: Madame Gâteaux ridesmaid dresses : twobirds bridesmaid


Free wedding ceremony

 The free wedding ceremony has been becoming more and more popular for some years and many bridal couples will also opt for this alternative wedding ceremony this year. We'll tell you what makes the free wedding ceremony so special and why an important factor for a successful ceremony, according to your wishes

What is a free wedding? Every bridal couple would like a very personal, individual wedding full of emotions. The civil marriage usually takes place in a more objective context and the way in which the registrar is addressed is standardized and must address the legal and less emotional aspects of the marriage. The church oers an appropriately celebratory setting, but couples who have left the church, belong to dierent religions or who imagine a completely free and individual wedding, want an even more personal alternative for their big moment. The free wedding oers bridal couples everything: A ceremony that is completely tailored to the wishes and ideas of the couple, in a solemn setting or completely relaxed in the great outdoors, religious or secular. As with civil or church weddings, the climax of a free wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom put the ring on each other . And same-sex couples can also express their love for one another with a free wedding ceremony and seal their connection. 

What are the advantages of a free wedding? With free weddings you are not tied to a specic location. It is often advisable to hold the wedding ceremony in or at the same location where the wedding celebration will take place later. If you are planning the wedding celebration in a beautiful castle or an estate, for example, there is nothing to prevent the wedding ceremony from being held on site. When the weather is nice under the open sky on a meadow or on the shore of a lake, a free wedding ceremony on the beach is just as possible as a wedding in a romantic tower room or in a loft with a spectacular view of the skyline of a big city - there are no limits to your imagination ! But not only the free choice of location speaks for this type of wedding. The freelance graduate theologian Friederike Keck, expert for "alternative weddings", emphasizes another advantage of the free wedding ceremony: "It is open to all couples, regardless of a certain worldview or religious aliation. To what extent these play a role and the ceremony should be religious or secular determine the couples themselves. " semi formal dresses australia  

Why professionals make the ceremony perfectIn order for the wedding ceremony to really meet the couple's wishes and make their dreams come true, it is important to place the ceremony in the hands of a professional. have specialized in this type of wedding ceremony. These theologians work independently of the church, so they are not pastors. When looking for a free theologian, the website provides further information and contacts. Here the dierent theologians introduce themselves: "Each with his own concept, each colleague has a lot of tips, suggestions and ideas for the formal and contentrelated design of the process, because such a ceremony lives from more than just a passable speech. Besides the right words It requires the creation of an appropriate atmosphere, and the right music, suitable symbols, perhaps the involvement of the groomsmen or the guests make the ritual lively, unique and an unforgettable experience, "says Friederike Keck. She recommends at least two discussions before the wedding so that the approach and the process can be designed as personally and individually as possible. "The focus is always on the bride and groom with their story, their wishes, hopes and what this step means for both of them." The free theologians and wedding speakers are independent service providers who receive a fee for their work. How high the costs for such a free wedding are is just as dierent as the oer of the theologians and must be claried with the respective provider. But you should expect prices from around 500 euros. You can nd a list of independent theologians in your area in our Free theologians and wedding speakers weddix business directory. 


Little etiquette from G for money gifts to H for wedding procession

 Money gifts:

A bride and groom who already owns a complete household on the day of their marriage no longer needs ower vases and tea towels. In order to avert such a thing, the guests may be reversed to monetary gifts. The bride and groom can, for example, point out on the invitation that a piggy bank will be set up and that the content will be used for an object of lasting value (e.g. picture, carpet). Marriage proposal: Most women wait for HE to speak out. The chosen one may be diplomatically advised to nally ask the question of all questions. It is still relatively rare for the woman to suggest marriage to the man. The marriage proposal is not bound to any particular form. You can choose the words freely, you can make the application in person, in writing, by telephone, fax or e-mail and you don't need to ask anyone except the adult bride. And if she gives "a basket", that's her right.

Written or printed wedding announcements go to people who are not invited to the wedding, but who should be informed. In the case of advance notice (we are getting married on ...), the bride signs rst with her maiden name, then the groom (Karin Müller and Michael Kunz). On the subsequent notice (We got married ...). it says, depending on the choice of name, Karin and Michael Kunz, Karin Müller-Kunz and Michael Kunz, etc. Parents can also announce the wedding of their children in advance or in a subsequent notication. Anyone who receives a wedding announcement congratulates the bride and groom in writing or in person (by telephone). A gift is possible but not mandatory. Wedding suit: Today a man can say yes in almost any outt. In addition to a white wedding dress, a dark suit is of course the least. Commonly used is the tuxedo, which - although a classic evening suit - can be worn all day. The same goes for the dinner jacket and the Stresemann. The cut is only suitable for a large wedding and should be exchanged for a tuxedo after the church wedding in the morning. The tailcoat is used for even larger weddings. The groom wears it to the wedding in the morning, then changes clothes and throws himself back into his tails after 7 p.m. Wedding car: 

Whether "Rolls-Royce" or "Duck", a wedding car never drives faster than 30 or 40 km / h through the city. After all, passers-by should be able to admire the newlyweds in the wonderfully decorated car! Wedding invitations: They are usually sent in writing or in print by post. E-mails or faxes are also possible among very young people with the appropriate equipment. The invitations should be sent out four to six weeks before the wedding. The recipient needs to know who is getting married and when and where the celebration is taking place. The addition "uAwg bis ..." ("We ask for an answer by ...") is important, because the bride and groom want to know how many guests they can expect. Further information on the invitation, for example about clothing (e.g. "Please appear in traditional costume"), about the gifts (e.g. "Gift list follows") or about the accommodation of the guests (e.g. "Room in the Gasthof Sonne") is possible. The response to an invitation can be made in writing or orally (by telephone).

Wedding gifts: They are usually presented when the bride and groom greets the arriving guests before the celebration. Helpful hands (e.g. those of the bridesmaids) decorate the gifts on a table that is visible to all. They are unpacked either in the very advanced evening with the active participation of the guests (then the bride and groom can thank you personally) or only when everyone is gone. Wedding gifts - even those little loved ones - are never given away. That is supposed to bring bad luck. Wedding-night: Today the bride and groom alone decide where it takes place: in their own four walls, in her or his parents' house, in the hotel, etc. The woman can be carried over the threshold into her own home. Wedding cake: 

Whatever it looks like, whether it is single or multi-tier, there is one ingredient that shouldn't be missing: marzipan. It consists of almonds, among other things, and they promise happiness in love. The cake is usually served with afternoon coee, but it can also round o the celebration at midnight. The bride and groom have to start cutting together: the bride holds the knife, the groom puts his hand on hers and leads. First the guests of honor are served, then each guest receives a piece. Wedding procession: If the bride and groom go to church together, the wedding procession is formed like this: Bride leaders and bridesmaids - children throwing owers - bride and groom - bride mother to the right of the groom's father - bride father to the left of the groom's mother - close relatives (siblings, grandparents, godparents) - distant

ones Relatives - friends and acquaintances. When moving into the church, the bride goes to the altar to the left of the bridegroom, when moving out of the church, the now wife goes to the right of her wife.  cheap formal dresses australia

Well planned - wedding fairs visit guide All about the wedding fair

You have decided: It is getting married! And now? Apart from the congratulations from family and friends and your own anticipation, a lot has to be planned rst. And here is a wedding fair just the right thing to get a rst impression or clarify the details that are still missing. Exhibitors from a wide range of areas are all gathered here in one place and wedding dresses can be admired, photographers can be found and the latest trends in fashion and decoration can be discovered. Some wedding fairs oer great bargains, especially in the fashion sector. Before visiting one of the many dierent trade fairs, it is advisable to rst consider which of the many areas is most important for personal planning. If the location has already been booked, but the dream dress has not yet been found, you can safely neglect the trade fair stands of the catering trade and go to the bridal wear rst. Because there is usually always a lot to see at wedding fairs. So make a what you still need in any case, what information is still missing and what things you would like to buy directly at the wedding fair, because it is oered there cheaper. However, it should be borne in mind that purchases must then be made immediately at the trade fair and you do not have two or three weeks to think about it. A quick decision is often not very easy, especially with wedding dresses.

The websites of the respective wedding fairs are a good way to nd out in advance. Weeks in advance you can see which exhibitors can be seen at the trade fair, whether there are special bargains and which supporting program is on oer. When you are there, we recommend planning enough time. You should denitely take at least two to three hours. Because on site you can not only choose wedding products; You also have the opportunity to get detailed information, take information material with you and make appointments for further discussions. It is recommended not only to take the brochures of the dierent exhibition stands with you, but also to store your own business card so that the photographer or catering service can still contact you. The only question is who can join? No matter whether mother-in-law, groom, mother or best friend - the main thing is that the companion can be just as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to half the day about wedding. And in addition to the exhibitors on the subject of wedding accessories, decoration, wedding rings, fashion, owers, styling, music, etc., there is usually also a colorful supporting program: fashion shows and competitions are just as much a part of the entertainment program as workshops for creating invitation cards or taster dance courses.  semi formal dresses