Wedding poems - modern and yet so romantic!


"All you need is love!", Sang the Beatles in the most famous love hymn in the world! Modern poems and lyrics can often capture our feelings even better than a sonnet or an opera from Mozart's time. Many wedding couples have a favorite song that represents their love and the time they spend together. A wedding poem can serve as a romantic introduction to the invitation card or as a wedding motto. Here are a few of the most romantic wedding poems in recent years: Because everything about you makes me so easy because you can reach me everywhere because you see me and forgive me and you love indescribably because everything about you makes me so easy because you free me every day because you woke up while I was sleeping and you are indescribable because everything you make me so easy Laith Al-Deen Love shouldn't, love doesn't ght, love won't, love is. Love does not seek, love does not ask, love is what you are. Nena You're the best thing that ever happened to me, it's as good as you love me. Forget the rest of the world when you're with me You're the best thing that ever happened to me, it's as good as you love me. I tell you far too seldom it's nice that you exist. Silver moon Dear nation, I want to go to the registry oce Because I love this woman, she has inamed my heart. She is good for my soul, she gives my ebb and ow. She is everything I want. Wrong world, I want the squad Because I love this man, he's my lifeboat. He's more than just a friend, I've long dreamed of it. He's everything I want. Refrain: Yes, yes, I want the wedding party for us. Not tomorrow, but now.And I want, I will, I need, I go, I can. Yes, yes, I want the sound of bells for us . It doesn't matter whether it's a woman or a man And I want, I will, I need, I go, I can go to the registry oce Dear nation, I don't even see it , I don't just want to be alone out of my mind We are a couple, me and her I fall on my knees in front of her. She is all I want. Wrong world, I want to see the marriage certicate I don't want to stand on the sidelines any longer We are a couple, he and I And I do not surrender. He is everything I want. Rose pride

Fun wedding games that aren't embarrassing

Wedding games - please not like that! Despite good intentions, the word wedding games alone sets the alarm bells ringing for many guests. Not without good reason, after all, instead of having fun and entertainment, it is all too often that people are ashamed of others. The borrowed china is broken during exercise games, an ambulance has to be called after the third sack race, or Adele interpretations are enthusiastically performed at karaoke. formal dresses for women

For all those who want to spare themselves and the wedding guests exertions of this kind, we have put together ve refreshingly uncomfortable, funny wedding games. Whether as an afternoon entertainment or as an icebreaker at the beginning of the wedding celebration - with these games for the wedding, an exuberant atmosphere is guaranteed - without any external shame factor! 1. Wedding game: guessing proles

A bit of planning is required for this wedding game: Together with the invitation, the bride and groom will send each wedding guest a small prole to ll out. For the game to work, it shouldn't contain too much information about the person's appearance - and the line with the guest's name must remain empty. The completed forms are then either sent back with a reply card or collected before the wedding reception. Each wedding guest has to draw a card at the ceremony and guess who it is. This game is particularly suitable for the beginning of the celebration, because it allows the guests to get to know each other better and immediately have points of contact for a conversation. 

2. Wedding game: The hiking present

Often the gifts are collected on a gift table during the celebration and then opened by the bride and groom in peace when the whole hustle and bustle of the wedding is over. Especially when it comes to bridging the time between the wedding ceremony and the celebration in the evening, giving a gift can also be turned into a fun wedding game. A bit of planning is also required here; it is best for the groomsmen to prepare a beautifully wrapped "hiking present"

especially for this purpose. One of the great advantages of this wedding game is that it gets the wedding party moving, but not in the hectic, chaotic way that too often degrades the decor. And this is how it works: A wedding guest reads out from a card to whom the package should be passed next. The highlight: The names are not mentioned, but information such as "The person with the highest heels" or "The bride's cousin". Only when every guest has had the hiking present is it ceremoniously presented to the bride and groom. 

3. Wedding game: who am I?

This game is a real party classic for a reason! The principle is very simple: Each wedding guest is stuck a card on the forehead with the name of a famous personality. By asking questions, the guest has to guess which celebrity it is. Preparation is necessary here to the extent that the room conditions should be right. At a long table it is easy to get bored with the game because several guests cannot guess at the same time. Small wedding parties can say "Who am I?" also play together, with larger ones it is cheaper if the individual tables each form a "play group". 

4. Wedding game: wedding pub quiz 

A real wedding classic is the "marriage suitability quiz", which tests how well the bride and groom know each other - but why not just turn the tables and put the wedding guests to the test? In addition, the whole wedding party is involved in this variant, not just the bride and groom. The newlyweds read out questions about their meeting, their relationship or themselves, which the guests have to answer. Of course, the winner of the funny wedding game was the table that could provide the most correct answers. Questions about anecdotes from the childhood of the bride and groom, for example, provide a lot of amusement - although the level should not drop too far here.

5. Wedding game: guess groups

This game is also well suited for the beginning of the wedding celebration, because the bride and groom get to know the wedding guests better and get this conversation piece for later conversations. The wedding guests sit in rows in front of the bride and groom, behind the bride and groom a captain holds up signs with characteristics. All guests to whom the characteristic applies must stand up. Now the newlyweds have to guess what is common to all the people who have risen. 

Weddix tip: wedding newspaper with a crossword puzzle Another great idea for entertaining guests at the wedding is a custom wedding newspaper. It is not only a wonderful surprise and memory for the bridal couple, but also for the wedding guests and ensures a good mood during the wedding celebration. For example, you can integrate crossword puzzles or other puzzles into the content and ask the guests to solve them - whoever guesses the answer rst will then receive a prize (a dance with the bride, a gift basket - there are no limits to your creativity!) . You can nd tips, ideas and templates for your newspaper in our guide. long sleeve formal dresses

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Autumn princess wedding in the city of Mozart


Yes, there is more to Salzburg than just Mozart and the fortress. One of the most famous and probably also the most beautiful registry oces in Austria is also located in the city on the Salzach. The Mirabell Palace and its gardens. The 400- year history of the castle has always been one of the most beautiful and splendid registry oces and wedding locations. Not only Salzburg couples get married here but also all kinds of wedding tourism weddings in the marble hall. formal dresses for women

The wedding planner Sissi, who is also the head of the Austrian wedding blog, planned a styled shoot in the blogger's hometown together with the Bavarian wedding photographer Anna Mardo from "Schokoladseite". Salzburg oers so much, but what has never been done before , a shoot with the main color and must-have color 2016 COPPER. So she switched on the designer Manuela Tamas (request concert design), who designed an incredibly elaborate, beautiful copper wedding stationery in partnership with the paper dirndl Margot Brandl. The Salzburg orist brought owers from Schörghofer Dressed up with a blush-colored wreath of owers and a bridal bouquet and the make-up artist Romy Winkler from Romy Art conjured up the nal copper touch on the face and lips of the beautiful model Vanessa.

In order not only to oer great inspiration in copper and blush, but also to get an insight into a set shoot, a professional videographer lmed the entire day and created a "making of". The copper princess wore a dress in a light blush of the brand: XY from the bridal shop XY. The very feminine and subtle jewelry from the Salzburg jeweler Schneider of the Momentos brand is particularly subtle and all the more modern. There were of course also wonderful rings in rose gold for the bride and the possible dream prince. 

To round o the overall concept, exterior shots were also taken on the Makartsteg with a view of the old town, the cathedral and the fortress and the famous Mozartsteg which leads over the Salzach. The representation in front of the Salzburg Cathedral with the bride was photographed and admired by the hundreds of tourists. Copper inspiration for the wedding, blush tones for the modern bride, Undine bridal bouquet, the ring bowl of a dierent kind, that certainsomething from the great photographer and the beautiful Salzburg speak for themselves.

Wedding location: Salzburg Photography: Anna Mardo - Chocolate side Wedding dress: Bridal Studio Mandt Idea, concept, organization: Sissi Schrott from Registry oce: - Church: - Wedding location 1: Salzburg - Mirabell Palace, Makartsteg, Salzburg Cathedral, Mozartsteg Hair & Make-up: Romy Winkler Bridal jewelry : Jeweler Schneider Flower decorations & bridal bouquet: Schörghofer owers Wedding rings: Jeweler Schneider Wedding stationery : request concert design & paper dirndl Wedding cake and candy bar: Vita Provitina Articial ower in your hair: Schönmich http: //www.schoenmich-accessoires.dehttp: // Film: Daniel Huber Guest book, copper picture frame: Copper pin: yes! Wedding shop Model: Vanessa Leona long sleeve formal dresses

Design your wedding newspaper with schobuk software


Easily design your wedding newspaper yourself with our free software! Creating a wedding newspaper is always a good idea - but often not that easy to do! In cooperation with schobuk, we are now oering you a simple yet professional solution: Texts and images of dierent quality can be easily packed into a beautiful and individual layout. The is intuitive and easy to use. Text and image editing are integrated and the work is done quickly. You don't need any additional software, because various basic layouts and templates for the wedding newspaper have been created and can be easily changed. Above all, you can have the nished wedding newspaper printed easily in excellent quality. Any edition can be ordered quickly and inexpensively using the integrated order assistant - even a small edition of 5-10 copies makes economic sense! Here you can calculate the printing costs for your wedding newspaper: formal dresses for women

Get a 5 euro discount for printing the wedding newspaper! Our goodie for you: € 5 discount on your rst print job! You can more about the voucher and further information about downloading the free in our shop. You will receive an oset print quality magazine within 3-6 days. Time is running out? Express production is possible within 36 hours including overnight delivery! The newspaper is available in various formats with saddle stitching and is made from high-quality 135g paper with a silk-matt picture print. And regardless of whether you have material for 2, 16 or 60 pages - everything is possible! At schobuk you can nd more information about newspaper

Try it now - we wish you a lot of fun and creative work! formal dresses with sleeves

Are you looking for a nice addition or an alternative to the wedding newspaper? In our guide we have put together many great ideas for original, homemade and traditional - you are sure to nd something suitable here!