Charlotte and Christian - The perfect wedding in Ulm


The wedding report from: Liebeslinse PHOTOGRAPHY cheap formal dresses

Charlotte and Christian, an incredibly warm couple! At the rst meeting, Charlotte ew up to us overjoyed and there was a very warm hug, as if we had known each other for ages. During the conversation, the two were totally in love and said that the photographer would come rst and they were very happy that the appointment was still free. It was just very important for both of them to hold onto their love and every single moment of their big day so that they could remember it forever down to the last detail.

On the wedding day itself, it quickly became clear why. The two have a very special relationship with each other. As photographers, we had the feeling that the two of them had hidden everything around them and enjoyed and savored every single moment together. Therefore it was very easy for us to photograph the two. The day began with the preparation of the bride and groom, and they made themselves comfortable in the parents' house. Afterwards the two were married in church in the St. Georg Church in Ulm, which of course was very emotionally personal and exciting

After the wedding, the old tram continued to the Hotel / Restaurant Lago. What a brilliant idea! Because the champagne reception also took place in the tram, creating a very relaxed atmosphere, which in turn totally suited the couple. And so it went on with the bridal couple shoot, the two just turtled with each other the whole time and were happy about their marriage and we didn't have to do anything but record these wonderful moments.

When we arrived at the lake together, the gondola was ready. The two just couldn't help but smile, so we had to laugh. The wedding guests were already waiting with balloons on the jetty of the wedding location and it was very romantic when the two arrived with the gondola and were warmly welcomed. Immediately afterwards Charlotte threw her bouquet and the party could already begin.

Christian opened the party with a speech, with an unbelievable declaration of love to his wife, who ran up to him, hugged him and didn't want to let go. It was a dreamlike celebration, full of emotions, honest feelings and a serenity that the couple sprayed everywhere and infected us all with it! We were very happy and thankful to have been there on this great day !! long sleeve formal dresses australia

First names of the bride and groom: Charlotte and Christian lace of the wedding: Ulm hotography: Liebeslinse PHOTOGRAPHY, Wedding dress: dowry, Munich Wedding date : 06/06/2015 egistry oce: Düsseldorf Wedding location 1: Lago Ulm air & make-up: Barbara Gerdes, Munich ridal shoes: Hallhuber lower decorations & bridal bouquet: Blumen Troll, Ulm Wedding rings: 123 and / DJ / entertainment: Mike Knehr, Nicole Häußler, Ulm ecoration: owers troll, Ulm Wedding car: old tram

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