An exuberant wedding in a dream location

Ted Hartwig's wedding report: A wonderful wedding on the grounds of Schloss Neuhardenberg. A wonderful location, a wonderful couple, a good atmosphere everywhere and the prospect of a nice day. These were the ingredients for these pictures.

We all had a lot of fun with the preparations. Both were exuberant and full of anticipation. The fact that the ring didn't want to fit on the groom's finger at first is not so bad. This happens more often and is due to the warm temperatures ...

Beautiful custom for a wedding By the way, planting a tree is always a beautiful custom. Once such a tree has grown big and powerful, you can say to yourself: We planted it together. He is a living witness of the time we spent together ... Simply beautiful! The couple shoot was also really fun again. A bit of nonsense is also part of it. Then the pictures come to life!


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